A little milestone

Hi everyone, we passed a small milestone a few days ago. The first post on this site was 1/4/07 so we are officially 10 years old. It does not seem like that! I know we are not the first community discussion site, but we are still going. Thank you all for everything you do on this site!

Yakety Yak

A song, a classic of a song, comes to mind when I think of the dialog on SwampBubbles -- Yakety Yak.

This site is over-the-hill

Happy 2016 everyone! I want to let you know that we have quietly passed the 9 year anniversary of the founding of this site which in Web years is really, really old (1/4/7 was the first post). Your thoughts on where to go from here and what would be neat? Thank you for everything you have done to make the site what it is today.

Cleanup time

I am tired of the "shoot everyone until the last one standing" approach to commenting here. Over the next several months expect some changes - one immediate change is that if you can't follow the commenting rules you are off for at least two weeks - it started this morning and will go back in time 32 hrs.

It is not going to require much to do this - all of you have been warned, so there does not need to be any more "please clean up your act." The worst offenders know very well what the problems are and justify their breaking the rules because others break the rules. I am going back through my flags and anything over the last 32 hrs. A newbie may get some guidance, but those who have been here and have been warned, well don't expect any warnings.

It is almost 48 hrs, I won't remove link, here is my response to Craig at Consumer Health Digest

Hi Craig,

I will not remove the links. It is almost 48 hrs and I want to be sure you can contact me once you file your suit. To be clear, the links you refer to in your e-mail were published by spammers. The person who paid them sounds like a pretty bad person, quite slimy and I am sure that a trial can help find out who really did it through the discovery process.

I was sued before for another reason, so I have experience in the courts and a legal team who are familiar with my site. I will be happy to send you their contact information.

Craig Schwartz of ConsumerHealthDigest.com says he may sue if I don't remove links to his site

Hello http://swampbubbles.com,

My name is Craig Schwartz and I am duly authorized to act on behalf of ConsumerHealthDigest.com. The purpose of writing this mail is to get few of the links removed from your website which are pointing to http://www.consumerhealthdigest.com. These links are not created by us and we do not have any idea about it.

Is Sylvania schools using district resources to promote the levy? The answer is yes. The question should be to what extent?

Update 5/9: These activities also violate school policies

Staff members shall not campaign on school property during school time in behalf of any political issue or candidate for local, State, or National office.

See: http://www.neola.com/sylvania-oh/search/policies/po4231.htm

Update 5/2: Sylvania Schools Superintendent Dr. Brad Reiger sent the following: No, we do not encourage district email accts be used for levy recruitment. We clarified with our Admin Team & staff members that personal email accts are to used. Also, you are correct that the levy website shouldn't be linked to the district website. Thank you for pointing this out. We have removed the levy website link. We'll do better with this moving forward.

The Sylvania Schools district would like the residents of Sylvania to pass the 3.8 mil operating levy on May 6. So much so that employees of the district are using district resources to promote their new levy. This can be proven by a set of emails from one school and resources from another, but one has to wonder how much more effort they are doing throughout the district on district time.

First a primer:
ORC 3315.07 dictates that “no board of education shall use public funds to support or oppose the passage of a school levy or bond issue or to compensate any school district employee for time spent on any activity intended to influence the outcome of a school levy or bond.”

Is this SwampBubbles or FreedomOutpost.com?

If we wanted to read entire articles from FreedomOutpost.com, we'd visit the site, not have someone I shall not name post THE ENTIRE ARTICLE here with a link to the site at the bottom of it.

If that's legit behavior on this site, then I expect there shall not be any whining from the "other side" if articles are posted wholesale from DailyKos and DemocraticUnderground and so on.

Birtherism/Racism on SwampBubbles

Yet another Birtherism post on the front page by yet another right-wing nutjob. Who else is sick of this racism and irrational, idiotic, right wing crap?

Chris the Absentee Moderator needs to step up.

Well, now that SwampBubbles has become a hostile den where people can front page attack other posters, will Chris step up and do something, or will we have to go to the lawyers?

Site updates

Hi there everyone. There has been a longstanding issue with the site speed and I am trying some new settings to improve it. Please let me know if you experience any problems. My initial take is that the changes are good. Thank you for your patience.

What is the problem with this site

Every time I go to post a reply, I get "unable to serve this request, connection timed out". Anyone else, or are you just unable to reply as well?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I know this is a little late, but I hope everyone here had a merry Christmas and I wish you all a happy new year.

I found something very interesting

I found something interesting when I was searching SB for purnhrt's quotes on her conduct at GCJ.

I noticed a thread entitled "Deleted" and since I was trying to copy the link where LRW deleted purnhrt's quotes I naturally clicked on it.

What's interesting is that isn't what the story was about. In fact, it wasn't that at all.

It was an old thread, with the initial post removed by the originator. In this case Sarge. It was removed a week ago. Actually not removed, but edited so the original story/poll/event couldn't be read.


Spam tweak

Thank you to all of those who report spam. I tweaked the spam settings to further prevent spam, but if you notice that is it causing you problems email me using the contact form and I can set you to be excluded from the Spam Filter. Thanks again!

Thoughts on how to improve this site

Taking suggestions on how to improve this site. This is an open thread and I will watch the responses. Thanks!

Conversation About Developing Forum Guidelines

Based on conversations yesterday and after reviewing some forum guidelines from other forums, I jotted down a list of general and specific guidlines as a starting point for discussion. It would be great if the ensuing conversation could focus on debating the merits (or lack thereof) of these items, as most of us at one time or another have violated one or more of the list below.

Do the recent polls that effectively couch only one option annoy you?

Blade story on local bloggers

If you did not already see, the Toledo Blade had a front page story about the bloggers in the area. Yours truly was also in it. I had one quote and it provided a description of what I do and a link to a couple of my sites. Newspapers are limited to a certain amount of space and seeing the print version, that space was rather large. The online version you can't get the same feel for what was put in the print version. The print version of the article also included a photo of me live blogging the TPS meeting last month.

Politics and Social Networks: Voters Make the Connection

Washington Post has a story about myself, SwampBubbles and how technology is changing the election. It also features an Obama supporter from Akron. Check it out:


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