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Candidates Forum slideshow at Kent Branch Library July 19, 2009

Those who attended: Darlene Fisher, Brenda Hill, Bob Vasquez, Steven Steel, Phil Copeland, Aji Green, Joe McNamara, Ian English, Adam Martinez, Kevin Milliken, Terry Shankland, and Stephen Ward.

Ward Responds To Possible City Council Appointment

Toledo, OH – The Lucas County Democratic Party Executive Committee has recommended and supports Steve Steel to be appointed to the City Council seat, which will be vacated by Council President Mark Sobczak following the City Council meeting on June 23.

Please place Darlene Fisher on the OSFC TPS committee

By Warren Woodberry:

At the recent TPS meeting, Thursday Jan. 8, 2009 Steven Steel was nominated and successfully re-elected as president of TPS. No surprises there as the steps to city council become shorter if you can come into the election with a high profile position. No one begrudges a person trying to secure a higher position, but their judgment is highly

Politics 101: Don't try to rewrite history with someone who made it

There is something wrong with someone who writes to clarify the record, has the record rewritten on behalf of the “President of the Toledo Board of Education”. That sums up what Steven Steel tries to do in a response from a community member trying to clarify some misconceptions.

As most would know I have attended Toledo Public School Board meetings for over ten years. When Pete Silverman was president he

As most would know I have attended Toledo Public School Board meetings for over ten years. When Pete Silverman was president he called me names from his seat as president, I had been silenced when Larry Sykes was the president, and now that Steve Steel is president the rule is that if I ask a question the board members just look at me and don’t say a word. I guess this is some sort of intimidation tactic.

Troy Neff Show: Focus on Education with Darlene Fisher

Education is a hot topic for Toledo and Troy gets the newsmakers. Here is a collection of today’s interviews that cover the Marina District project and fact finder report.

Darlene Fisher

Steven Flagg

Steven Steel

AND THE BEAT GOES ON - audio included

"It's for the kids" is the battle cry of TPS and today that cry was cemented in the nomination and appointment of Bob Vasquez to the TPS board seat vacated by Robert Torres. The seat was handed over to Mr. Vasquez by a three to one vote at the board meeting this morning. Darlene Fisher being the dissenting vote. With the appointment of Mr. Vasquez, there will no longer be any speculation on any votes coming before the board. Darlene once again is the Lone Ranger.

Toledo Board of Education President Steven Steel - conflicted or not?

A lot has been said and written as to whether Steven Steel has a conflict of interest or not, well we did some research.

The Urban Coalition has investigated the situation including the definitions of a Conflict of Interest, Ohio Ethics Commission advisory opinions, the Ohio Revised Code, why public service unions such as the Toledo Federation of Teachers participate in selecting their “bosses” through election and much more.

Unprofessional political cartooning from the Toledo Blade.

Unprofessional political cartooning. With TPS’s 96,000 days of missed school due to suspensions(in school and out of school) and expulsions it would seem that this would be a matter of concern not a matter of derision from the Toledo Blade.

Steven Steel proves he does only work for those who donate to his campaign-namely TFT

I came across this blogger's recent conversation with Steven Steel. I do not know who this blogger is and I don't even think I have seen him at school functions, so this is a conversation with a normal citizen. Other than the shear rudeness of the conversation, I think it provides some insight into Steel's beliefs. I believe in a Blade, Journal or Free Press article, he continues to deny that those that help him, namely the TFT, have any special privilege. Well that is not what he tells the blogger Omar the Great:

From 3 for change, to 3 for Children, now 3 for TFT?

A pair of their new colleagues charged that Tuesday's election of Jack Ford and Lisa Sobecki will further strengthen the grip of the Toledo Federation of Teachers union over the school system.

Mr. Ford and Ms. Sobecki easily won two seats on the board - defeating five other candidates.

Both of them received support from the Toledo Federation of Teachers, as did current board President Steven Steel when he ran in 2005.

It was Steel

I saw on the WTOL 6PM news it is the board president Steel in the diciplined teacher data base...doesn't this set a bad example?

Smoke, Mirrors and Bull Waste from TPS

This was written on 9/13 but I just found it this morning. I was feeling hopeful - AGAIN after reading a Toledo Blade story about Steve Steel forming a task force to help with our failing school system. Once again, I second guessed myself after the Blade made everybody look bad except Steel.

I did not live in Toledo in 1999 when this first started but after reading this: - I have to ask - how many times does Toledo traditionally fall for the exact same trick out of the exact same people/job positions?

Toledo Public School Board Meeting Today

Here is a report of the TPS board meeting today scheduled for 8:00-10:00AM

The meeting began at 8:05 with Steven Steel, Larry Sykes and Darlene Fisher in attendance, with myself, Blade reporter and a TV station in the audience. They took the roll, pledged allegiance to the flag and then the fun began.

Ninth Grade Proficiency should be passed before any student should be allowed to graduate.

I attended the TPS policy board meeting May 25, 2007. On the agenda was the Graduation Excercises Policy File IKFB. Adopted 10/25/1994 and Revised 11/27/2001.

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