This is too funny. The IRS Employee UNION (those people who wanted Obamacare) that represents the IRS (those people who collect the Obamacare tax) WANTS OUT OF OBAMACARE.

From the Forbes Magazine website:

IRS Employees Union Is 'Very Concerned' About Being Required To Enroll In Obamacare's Health Insurance Exchanges
by Avik Roy, Contributor

THIS is why we need a REAL "Fairness Doctrine"

NOT the watered down version that Democrats want that only includes talk-radio, but one that includes ALL forms of media, including all of the media outlets owned by George Soros,, The Huffington Post, PBS, Time, The Blade, Newsweek, etc etc.

Hate Unions? VOTE NO ON ISSUE 2!!! The unemployed in Ohio will hate them more.

If you hate Unions and the lazy lemmings who would rather live off of your hard work than pull their own weight, then VOTE NO ON ISSUE 2!

Ohio and the communities in Ohio who can no longer afford to pay 100% of some Union hacks prescription for Viagra will have no choice but to start laying off Union labor. The lower numbers of Union members mean they will have less political clout.

That will mean open season on Unions in Ohio. And, as the Toledo Blade proved, if you lock out your union hacks for a year or two, you can start making a profit.

Democrat Hollywood elite Liberals happily take money from mass killer leader of a terrorist state

Typical of the hypocrites who call themselves the "Democrat Party".
THROWING STONES while their own members take money from a know mass-murderer and LEADER OF A TERRORIST STATE.

The Hollywood Films Financed by Qaddafi Cash

WHOIS behind OccupyWallStreet? A fat-cat, rich Canadian socialist with a Napoleon complex.

So who is behind this so-called "grass roots" effort called Occupy Wall Street? A simple search shows that a fat cat, rich Canadian socialist and megalomaniac is the puppet master of the usful idiots. And as usual, the Socialists in America are flocking to their new owner.

You can look up the information yourself. Check my work, please. Make yourselves even MORE useful idiots.

WHOIS information for :

Tune in here to learn of next weeks excuse for more job losses.

Last weeks excuse for job losses that the Urkle Administration is responsible for was some crap about the Verizon Union hacks going back to work.

This weeks excuse for job losses will be the earthquake.

Next week, the Urkle Administration will blame .....

Wait for it....

Hurricane Irene!
Yes, somehow those people displaced by Hurricane Irene will rush back into the unemployment office that lost it's roof and has sea weed on the seats, magically fire up the water logged computers, and start signing up all those people for unemployment.

People are waking up. The Obama Economy is ruining America.

Even the mainstream media is having trouble carrying Obama's water now.
The failed policies of this empty suit puppet child in charge are making America grind to a halt.
Now that the "heavy hitters" in the mainstream media are reporting the truth instead of what the Obama Regime is telling them to report, the mainstream media is no longer carrying the Child-In-Chief's water for him. That leaves the hopie changie lapdogs to try and prop up the worst president in history.

Jobs barely rise, dousing hopes of revival
Jobs growth slows in June
8:53am EDT

And now the truth Wolfboy hopes you ignore. Top 4 richest people in America ARE DEMOCRATS.

While bitchboy screeches about the Koch brothers, he ignores the truth and hopes repeating his damn lies enough times will make you ignore the facts.
My "cut-n-paste" article in response to bitchboy's never-ending lies spoon fed to him by his owners at the Huffington Post and his puppet masters in the Union..

$4/gal gasoline. Obama's payoff for his Big Oil Buddies and Big Oil Doners

As Democrats in Congress pretend to be concerned with "average Americans", the truth is that $4/gal gasoline is Barry Obama's gift to his Big Oil Doners.

Everyone who reads anything knows that BP is one of the Socialist In Chief's biggest owners, I mean doners.
Obama biggest recipient of BP cash
Obama still gets oil money
"He took in $46,000 in donations from executives and workers last month. In a TV ad, he said he took no cash from companies.

US Financial Forcast. Unemployment should peak in 2011

You thought 2010 was bad?

Goldman Sachs outlook for America in 2011:

"The key features of our 2011 outlook:
(1) a strengthening in growth from 2.1% on average in 2010 to 2.4% in 2011, with real GDP rising at an above-potential 3½% pace in late 2011;
(2) a peaking in unemployment in mid-2011 at about 10¾%;
(3) extremely low inflation – close to zero on a core basis during 2011; and
(4) a continuation of the Fed’s (near) zero interest rate policy (ZIRP) throughout 2011."

Look out Libs. The GOP investigations begin with Obamacare.

Look out Libtards. The GOP has grown some cohones and is starting the Congressional investigations with exposing Obamacare for the socialist lie that it is. Now America will find out who was paid off to pass Obamas healthcare takeover.

Nov 9, 5:03 PM EST

GOP investigators take aim at health care overhaul

Associated Press

Funny as hell. Dan Quyales son calls Obama "Worst President in History". HAHAHAHAHA!

How worthless, stupid and pathetic does the megalomaniac President have to be for Dan Quyales son to know that the empty suit, commander in cheat little boy moron is the worst president in history?

sMarmy Kaptur's PMA Group owners listed.

Derosa, Rebecca Gaithersburg, MD
20882 PMA Group/Accountant $1,000 P 03/21/2007

Lynch, John Woodbridge, VA
22192 PMA Group/Government Relations Advi $1,000 P 03/21/2007

Magliocchetti, Paul Arlington, VA
22202 PMA Group/Chairman $1,000 P 03/21/2007

Koloszar, Melissa Arlington, VA
22204 PMA Group/Government Relations Advi $1,000 P 03/29/2007

Kaelin, Richard Gaithersburg, MD
20878 PMA Group/Legislative Counsel $1,000 P 04/19/2007

Giardina, Julie Arlington, VA
22201 PMA Group/Government Relations Advi $1,000 G 03/01/2008

sMarmy Kaptur shakes hands with Castro during Cuba paid trip.

Your lame administration at work. Obama's ICE ALLOWING ILLEGAL ALIENS TO STAY IN AMERICA.

YOUR Democrat controlled Administration in action. SHAFTING America again.
Bend over you Obama apologists, IT'S YOUR JOBS THESE ILLEGALS ARE AFTER. And, like with Clinton signing NAFTA, it's YOUR president in front of the parade.

Policy shift may allow some illegal immigrants to stay

"PHOENIX (Reuters) - A shake-up in immigration policy may lead to deportation proceedings being dropped for thousands of aliens who entered the United States illegally but are applying to stay in the country, officials said on Friday.

Economy slowing as imports take over. Obama KILLING the middle class.

With Obama and Dimocraps in Congress putting MORE people out of work, American consumers cannot afford to purchase higher priced American made products of inferior quality just so some UAW Hack can continue to get Viagra for free.


Aug 27, 8:48 AM EDT
Economy slows to 1.6 percent as trade gap widens

AP Economics Writer

And now for something completely different! This made me laugh.

Completely out of left field, but this made me laugh.

Back to Barry Sotero and family. NEW LOW POLL NUMBERS. Time to attack talk show hosts!

Quick Libtards! Barak Sotero the Socialist is UNDER ATTACK again! The majority of Americans are finding out that the Bastard Child in Chief is an empty suit!

Obama at new low for handling economy
AP National Political Writer

Even Liberals/Democrats are on to Obama.

May 14, 2010 4:27 pm US/Eastern

ANOTHER company that is "too big to fail"! Quick! THROW MONEY AT THEM!

One of the largest companies of it's kind in America, Blockbuster Video may file for bankruptcy. AREN'T THEY "TOO BIG TO FAIL"?

Blockbuster Says May File for Bankruptcy

By Joseph Woelfel 03/17/10 - 12:44 AM EDT 

DALLAS (TheStreet) -- Blockbuster(BBI), the video rental chain, said it could be forced to file for bankruptcy if cash flows don't improve and it's unable to restructure its debt.

Blockbuster's debt load has been reported to be as high as $1 billion.

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