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Joe-the-Plumber Toledo Jeep Worker

Joe-the-Plumber is now employed as a Toledo Jeep UAW autoworker. Seems the Tea Party elite abandoned Ole Joe. Maybe Karl Rove can bail him out!

Flag post is working again

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I am surprised that the announcement that Glen Beck is gone off of the air has not been reported on this site. Any explanations?

2012 Republican Presidential Power Rankings- Updated

2012 Presidential Power Rankings (note: this is not who I think is going to run. This is who I think would be the strongest candidate)

**note: I knew I forgot someone...Daniels.

1. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

2. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

3. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

4. General David Petraeus

5. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin


9th District- Marcy Kaptur over Rich Iott- 60-39%
-it's a shame that the 9th is saddled with two very flawed candidates. At least, Marcy won't be sitting next to the gavel anymore.

5th District- Bob Latta over Caleb Finkenbiner and Brian Smith 63-35-2%
-no surprise here.

Governor- John Kasich over Ted Strickland

FIve Myths About Sarah Palin

From Matthew Continetti's article in the Washington Post.

1. Palin cost McCain the 2008 election.

"She didn't. CNN's 2008 national exit poll, for example, asked voters whether Palin was a factor when they stepped into the voting booth. Those who said yes broke for McCain 56 percent to 43 percent.

Left-Wing McCarthyism

Why would a national publication be remotely interested in a candidate in the Ohio 9th Congressional race? It doesn't take someone with the IQ of a brick to figure out that someone had to have tipped off Atlantic Monthly about Iott's re-enactments and that someone was probably involved with or a supporter of the Kaptur campaign.

Now, the definition of McCarthyism: 1) The practice of publicizing accusations of political disloyalty or subversion with insufficient regard to evidence. 2) The use of unfair investigatory or accusatory methods in order to suppress opposition.

Did the Glenn (S)Beck-tical blink?

Did Glenn Beck back down under pressure from outside forces who were in opposition to his "Freedom Rally" which turned into his "Restoring Honor" rally? The very fact that he encouraged his rally supporters to leave their inflammatory signs outside of the rally is proof enough for me that Rev. Beck blinked.

NEWS ALERT: NC Tea Partiers assault man!

June 10, 2010 After trying to reason with the Tea Party Protesters a scuffle broke out.

Palin serves Shatner

Sarah Palin talks about the past year including anonymous bloggers and other things

Ann Coulter awards Palin Human Events' Conservative of the Year

I love the latest piece by Ann Coulter in Human Events. Some highlights:

Sarah Palin wins HUMAN EVENTS’ prestigious “Conservative of the Year” Award for 2008 for her genius at annoying all the right people. The last woman to get liberals this hot under the collar would have been … let's see now … oh, yeah: Me!

Troy Neff Show: The Chunky Scotsman on U.S. Presidential Election

Lord Dr. Robert Andrew MacDaid, PhD just happend to cach the Troy Neff Show on BlogTV and decided to call in all the way from Scotland. Troy asks Robert about how our presidential election and economy affect him.

Morning Podcasts:

Chunky Scotsman Interview

Sarah Palin on the news media


Is Sarah Palin qualified to be President? Of course

The poll in NY Times is saying Sarah Palin is pulling down McCain and that many people feel she is not qualified to be president.

Sarah Palin at Bowling Green Live Blog

Coverage will start around 10am. Stop by this thread to see if it will happen or not. It all depends on what is allowed in. You can ask questions using the question box and I will try to answer them during the event. The rally is supposed to start anywhere from 9:30-10:15. So there are a lot of factors at play here.

Palin spends $51,000 in taxpayer money for remodeling - media bias

Here is a great example of media bias because we do not know the history of other governors to give it perspective. Great article Pink Slip to prove this point. -chrismyers

Pink Slips original post:

Sarah Palin's message on my answering machine

Here is the message that Sarah Palin left on my answering machine. Of course I want to believe she called me personally, but I know better. You can tell it is crunch time and that Ohio is in play. I do like how Sarah's message does not sound like she is reading it, but that she is personally making the calls.

Troy Neff Show: Who Won Thursday's Vice Presidential Debate?

Political Analysts Troy Neff and Schylar Meadows on Take 3 talk about who
won Thursday's Vice presidential debate.

Sarah Palin annoyed over media interviews...

Cameron Interviews Post-Debate Palin

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