Why Are The Republicans Sounding Like Rhetoric From Nazi Germany?

The more I here Republicans speak the more it sounds like they are reading the Nazi Playbook. Is this my imagination?

Remember when the Dems said the Tea Party would undue the GOP this cycle

Another Dem Governor candidate now must answer some tough questions.

I initially thought that the Dems might gain a Governorship or two this cycle as the GOP would be entirely focused on the Senate and Governorships are harder races to "nationalize" but now with Ohio now probably a "Safe GOP" keep and this new news about Burke plagiarizing her campaign platform that takes two of the possible flips off the table.

Mr. Stainbrook, You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself

I don't understand something. I'm a Conservative who usually votes with the Republicans. That means I support the Republicans. There is an insidious situation in Toledo Court, in which Judge Berling, a Republican, is being denied among other things: a presumption of innocence, due process of law, the right to a fair trial and who knows what else. This case hasn't been adjudicated yet, Jon.

How Long Will It Take A Conservative President to Bring Full Employment (5% Or Less Unemployed)?

well, looks like iott has made the meme.

What do people think about Rich Iott being photographed with a REAL member of the SS? I was considering voting for the man, he has the right ideas on helping businesses grow, but on the last page of the front section of The Blade today it identifies one person he is standing with as a veteran of the Waffen SS Wiking division, the one that Mr. Iott reenacts. That really crosses a line with me, it's one thing to study history, but to seek out someone who committed those atrocities? That's indefensible.

Americans are ready for the third party.

In a recent WSJ/NBC poll ( Americans are ready for a third party. With both the democrats and republicans taking the country down a spend happy road filled full of massive spending, enormous debt and entitlements for all; they are having a party at the expense of the American citizens and we'll pay the high price for their actions for decades to come.


On the Sept. 15 ballot, voters will choose six of 23 candidates for Toledo City Council. The top 12 vote getters will move on to November’s ballot. If Issue 2 passes, that number will be reduced to six moving on to November’s ballot.

Some candidates declare a party; some do not. Toledo’s municipal elections are non-partisan; on the ballot, there will be no party affiliation noted.

City Council Candidates Poll

What twelve City Council Candidates do you think will advance to the General Election?

According to NBC 24 here is the list of those who made the deadline to turn in their petitions:

Official Council-at-Large candidate list:

John Adams
Terry Biel
Joe Carter
Mark W Clark
Phillip Copeland
Jeff Cromwell
Tyrone Daniels
Rob Ludeman
Patricia Lyons
Adam J Martinez
Joe McNamara
Kevin Milliken
George Sarantou
Hans G. Schnapp
Terry Shankland
Constantine P. Stamos
Steven C. Steel
Steven L. Sulewski
Polly Taylor-Gerken
William J. Terry
Paul Tetuan

Poll Shows Plurality of Americans are Independent

Dianna Heitz reported this on yesterday:

"The percentage of adults identifying as independents has swelled to match its highest point in 70 years, according to the biannual values survey from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, while the percentage of self-identified Republicans fell to its lowest mark in at least 25 years.

Thirty-nine percent of respondents self-identified as independents, compared with 33 percent who considered themselves Democrats and 22 percent who identified as Republicans.

Race for that shower on the 22nd Floor

So Maumee-resident Keith Wilkowski has officially lined up at the starting line for the race to the 22nd floor office in One Government Center.

What do you think?

Who, if anyone, might be interested in running against him for the Democrat Party endorsement? Who could possibly run on the Republican ticket?

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