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Wisconsin seeks to give surplus back to voters

Remember the days when Wisconsin was facing a 3 BILLION dollar deficit. Gov. Scott Walker was elected and the unions tried to recall him.

In his first year Gov. Walker took the 3 billion dollar deficit and turned it into a 300 million dollar surplus.

The impossible has happened again.

Republican House Conference

The Republican House Conference recently held in Baltimore, was a human chess game. President Barack Obama scored a checkmate! No speeches, no teleprompter, no notes just one brilliant man, proving point after point after point. The republicans underestimated the president when they agreed to have the conference televised. As he stated when proposing to put the earmarks online before a vote is taken, "sunshine is the best disinfectant."

Michael Steele named RNC Chair

The Republican National Committee just named Michael Steele chairman.

He says it is, "Time for something different."
Sounds like he can recharge a spent party. Now this is a change that gives me hope.

Watch his acceptance speech here:

Carville's Predictions for 2009 and beyond

James Carville posts his predictions for 2009 in an opinion piece on CNN:

  • a peace agreement between Israel and Syria in next year and a half

  •  Dems will be caught in more scandals

  • GOP will face "catastrophic ideological rift"

Full story here:

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