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Russia warns could 'reduce to zero' economic dependency on US.

Moscow (AFP) - Russia could reduce to zero its economic dependency on the United States if Washington agreed sanctions against Moscow over Ukraine, a Kremlin aide said on Tuesday, warning that the American financial system faced a "crash" if this happened

"We would find a way not just to reduce our dependency on the United States to zero, but to emerge from those sanctions with great benefits for ourselves," said Kremlin economic aide Sergei Glazyev.Russian firms and banks would also not return loans from American financial institutions, he said.

McCain: Obama's "feckless" foreign policy invited Ukraine crisis.

" Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., says Russia intervened militarily in Ukraine in part because "nobody believes in America's strength any more." Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., blamed President Obama's "feckless" foreign policy for inviting the crisis in Ukraine on Monday, telling a pro-Israel group that the president has repeatedly failed to demonstrate American strength in the face of adversaries."
"Mr. Obama "believes that the Cold War is over," McCain said. "That's the problem, but Putin doesn't believe it's over."

Obama bows to Putin again

Obama lost in Egypt, Iran, Syria, and now the Ukraine, Oh and did nothing about Bengazi. Ukraine,Putin laughs at Obama, we will not attend the G8 if you don't stop it Mr Putin. Syria, you better not come across this red line or else... Egypt, no arms for you, Russia will help you. Iran, just lower your enrichment of uranium, that's ok. Eyes need to be wide open, stop dismissing the obvious.

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