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Obama Is Outsmarting The Republicans Again Part II

With the events this last week, Obama has served up dinner for the conservatives. The conservatives are eating Jim Crow. I predict when Obama leaves office the facts will show he was the the greatest POTUS this country ever had. Millions of hard working Americans benefited by the Supreme Court decisions. When are the conservatives, specifically the Republicans, going to understand that the United States is a a nation of people, not about destroying the middle class and creating a feudal system.

Right-wing Pussies like DTOM, Fred, Galt, GZ, and MikeyA To #OccupyDC Starting Today

Yes it's true, tens of millions of Teabaggers are going to magically appear in DC today and take over the government by camping out and demonstrating. You know, like #Occupy but with old fat nutjob armed Teabaggers riding their Rascal scooters around and waving their misspelled, racist signs.

ADMIN EDIT - taken off the front page for inappropriate post, but kept up as an example of what is wrong.

Ouch, Maybe it is Obama's lawyer!

Maybe it is the lawyer?

The Obama administration took another verbal sodomy in the Supreme Court today. When you make a case against checking immigration status and Justice Sotomayor tells you that your argument "isn't selling very well" then you should probably reconsider your line of work.

Of course I'm awaiting the liberals on here to describe how suddenly the Supreme Court is now racist.

Car ad = White House level issue!

The White House continued to do the "will of the people" this week. First on the agenda.... having car ad pulled because they weren't friendly enough to political iniatives. With all the "focus" on jobs one must wonder where they found the time to interfere with the advertising of a private corporation but yet they did. No word yet if they qualified for overtime for their efforts.

Is there going to be a Labor Party?

Is the AFL-CIO starting it's own political party?

AFL-CIO President and muppet "Waldorf" look-a-like Richard Trumka was quoted as saying “You’re going to see us give less money to build structures for others, and more of our money will be used to build our own structure.”

I personally hope they do. It will be fun in Toledo watching the A team and B team square off but this time with (D) and (L) behind their names.

Thought Provoking Piece Of Journalism

One of the most thought provoking pieces of journalism I have ever read.

Conersation With a White Lady.

Interesting conversation with a white lady:
The scenario: A casual friend, Ms. W. Lady who has rental property in my neighborhood but lives in Ottawa Hills, drives a real spiffy vehicle and we usually speak and exchange pleasantries. We have a few things in common such as we both homeschool our children, she her grandchild and we are both about the same age (I think) and both have grey hair.

President Obama's Speech To The Nation's School Children

The silly season has begun in full force with the noise growing louder concerning the airing of the President's speech to the nation's children on Tuesday at noon. What nonsense!
Anthony Wayne's district has decided not to air the speech because of parental concern.
Toledo Public has decided to allow the individual teacher to make the decision as to who shall listen to the speech and who should not listen.

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