PMA Scandal

PMA Scandal Update March 3, 2009

It's time to stop ignoring pay-to-play

Senate votes to preserve earmarks in spending bill

Coburn, Flake Ready Challenges to PMA Lobbying Firm and Its Clients

Senate Rejects McCain Effort to Freeze 2009 Spending

President Walks Tightrope on Earmarks

PMA Scandal Update, February 27 2009

Rep. Tim Ryan gets new earmark for client of raided lobbying firm

Visclosky, Democrats defeat campaign earmarks probe

Pork Chalks Up Two More Victories

Piling on the Pork: Outrageous Legislation in Omnibus Bill,2933,500844,00.html

Perk-filled spending bill passes House

PMA Scandal February 25, 2009

PMA Scandal February 24, 2009

Flake takes on earmarks, contributions and finds new PMA earmarks

One Representative has had enough and Jeff has identified some specific PMA earmarks in the omnibus spending bill, which is a new discovery.
ID'd specific earmarks.

“If clients of a lobbying firm currently under federal investigation are receiving earmarks in it, this bill has not received adequate scrutiny,” said Flake.

Flake also has an Opt-Ed in the New York Times:


PMA Scandal February 23, 2009

Earmark Requests from Obama Transportation Secretary

Region's politicians tied to embattled lobbying firm

Two tips of the hat and a little nudge

Ryan will return donations if they are found illegal

Perlmutter, Udall, Lamborn among lobby firm’s lawmaker friends

PMA Scandal February 22, 2009

Earmark reform? 2009 spending bill contains 9,000 of them

Earmark reform? 2009 spending bill contains 9,000 of them

Marcy Kaptur in her own words on special interests, lobbyists and campaign finance

Back in 2007, I noticed that special interests were creeping into Marcy's
campaign funds
. Of course Unions are special interests, but I was referring specifically to lobbyists. I found a quote from Marcy and put it in that story suggesting that she should heed her own words. Well she did not and continued accepting even more money to the point that a lobbying firm was her biggest donor during the 2008 cycle. Some have wondered why single out Marcy? The reason is simple, because she has been very outspoken in the past about special interests and the problems it creates, yet here she is right in the middle of the problem.

Spokesperson says Kaptur will wait and see how story unfolds - Ryan also responds

This is in the in the story titled "Most Lawmakers Keeping Questionable PMA Contributions":

A spokesman for Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio, another member of the Defense Appropriations panel, said "her campaign's decision will hinge on how the story unfolds because we really don't know very much right now." PMA Group was Kaptur's single-largest donor, giving $26,500 in her most recent race.

Ohio representative Tim Ryan says:

PMA Scandal February 21, 2009 Update

Most Lawmakers Keeping Questionable PMA Contributions

Kanjorski, Carney delay action on funds from embroiled firms

Report: U.S. Rep. Dicks was No. 4 in earmarks for questioned PMA Group

Ryan to return funds

PMA scandal updated February 20, 2009

Massachusetts pols allegedly got funds for busted lobbyist’s clients

Tim Ryan Among Valley Congressmen Named in Campaign Contribution Probe

PMA Group Contributions Hard to Track

Embattled firm donated thousands to Carney, Kanjorski

Linda Lynch possibly the lady of many talents

Through my poking around I have found that Linda Lynch is a very busy lady. She is a homemaker, housewife, a PMA attorney, a teacher, a real estate agent, a consultant and maybe a PMA lobbyist. They are all of Woodbridge VA and possibly Dumfries VA. If I were a betting man, I think that this lady will have some explaining to do. Maybe there is more than one Linda Lynch in the area, but given the numbers and the donating behavior, I think she is another funnel for the PMA group. You won't read that anywhere else.

Tsunami of donations by PMA brings up questions of illegality

I listened to the NPR segment on the PMA Group online this evening and one of the things it mentioned was:

Among the PMA donors were two of the company's board members, who are friends of Magliocchetti from Florida, where he has a beach condo. In campaign reports, contributions from the two Floridians often appear to be coordinated — same day, same dollar amount, same recipient.

That could suggest PMA was making the contributions in their names, which would be illegal.

Kaptur receives 2k from donor that never worked for company reported-does he exist?

Please bear with me, since this is breaking news, I will be posting quite a bit about the scandal as different angles appear or something noteworthy shows up.

The Hill is reporting another donor, Jon Walker, never existed or at least did not work for the company reported.

Unlike the donor in the Washington Post article, this donor has given to Marcy Kaptur.

From The Hill:


PMA scandal update Feb 19, 2009

List of stories of interest on the PMA scandal:

Lobbying Firm's Ties To Democrats Under Scrutiny -really good

The next lobbying scandal

Firm with Murtha Ties Got Earmarks From Nearly One-Fourth of House (CQ Politics)

PMA Group Shuttering Its Lobbying Practice

Congressional Quarterly names Kaptur as one of 104 to get specific earmarks for PMA clients in one bill

The Congressional Quarterly has a feature story today on how PMA secured 300 million in earmarks in one bill. Marcy Kaptur is included in the 104 and is solely responsible for 1.6 million in earmarks specifically for PMA clients. This ranked her 29th out of 104 for that bill. There are 435 members of the house and only those 104 asked for earmarks for PMA clients in the 2008 defense appropriations law. Marcy Kaptur is #19 out of the top twenty recipients of PMA lobbying money.
Read the story at:

PMA questionable behavior demonstrated by some of Kaptur's donations

The person at the center of the PMA scandal, Paul Magliocchetti, is accused of funneling money to candidates sometimes through fictitious names. It is clear he tried to pump money to candidates through different means. Lets look at some examples of questionable behavior on Marcy's campaign.

Marcy was #19 out of #20 top recipients of PMA money, of course this is the money where the donors wrote down PMA as an employer.

Scandal that involves Marcy Kaptur now developing, Democrats returning money- Local silence

The campaign finance scandal that Marcy Kaptur is involved with to the tune of 40k, is now causing some Democrats to return money. Today in the Hill is reporting some questionable behavior by the donor, the same donor that gave Marcy campaign contributions this past year. **On a side note, this story is a gut check for the Toledo Blade. For a newspaper who made a point about campaign finance scandals, this one involves Marcy and now they have cold feet. If they were to follow the path they so proudly highlight, will they apply it to Ms. Kaptur? Will they treat her with kid gloves?

More info comes out on the shady acts of Kaptur's largest contributor-more questions

More is being reported on Marcy Kaptur's largest donor last year, the lobbyist group PMA. There are some very shady campaign finance/lobbying reporting going on as reported by the Washington Post. This is potentially could be as big as Tom Noe or Jack Abramoff and you know how many people they brought down in 06. Has the Blade run any reports on this? I may have missed it.

Lobbyist that gave Kaptur 40k now under investigation

What? Marcy Kaptur taking big bucks from a lobbying firm? I thought she denounced the special interests. Well this special interest, which she accepted big money from, is now under investigation.
A defense lobbying firm that is a top political donor to several Ohio members of Congress has been raided by federal law enforcement authorities.
Hobson got $87,500 from PMA throughout his career, while Kaptur got $40,500. During the last election cycle, PMA gave Kaptur's campaign $26,500. Kaptur's top all-time donors are unions.
Read more at:

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