Pete Gerken

Pete Gerken

Glass City reflections: Ben Konop shares his experiences in Toledo politics

Read our personal interest story on former Lucas County Commissioner Ben Konop. Follow the link below.

Pete Gerken raises taxes again - to support pet LCIC

Only Pete Gerken and Tina Skeldon Wozniak Jingle Heimer Schmidt et al. can somehow think that taking money out of the working class' pockets when they sell a house can be a plus. Here's hoping that their name will be next to the fee when you go to closing so everyone knows who to thank. With the sorry state this area is in, especially in housing stock, this is one of the most dumbest decisions I have seen although it is not a surprise.

Troy Neff Show: Pete Gerken not sure why they have to vote

Latest Headline from The Blade:

Lucas County commissioners urge United Way not to tear down building... [blade]

Pete Gerken Interview

40 Yards of Pipe for 3000 Jobs? Hardly.

Intermodal freight transportation is exploding around the country and Northwest Ohio is well-placed and well-equipped to handle cargo for the tri-state area. However, we need to be smart about how we encourage development around resources like Toledo Express. Governmental agencies like the Port Authority are working to entice logistics companies into building intermodal terminals at TOL, but they also must determine which development prospects are practical and which proposals will only drain the area's limited infrastructure improvement budget. After reviewing Brian McMahon's proposal, I feel it qualifies as the latter for the following reasons.

Intermodal Update And Some Answers

I had the pleasure of speaking this morning with a number of people actively involved in the intermodal project that is a vision for Toledo Express. I went back and pulled some of handbanana's questions because he seemed a little unsure of how all this would work and confused about the process.

Troy Neff Show: Another Show Full of Interviews You Can't Miss

Yet again the newsmakers make the Troy Neff Show the most in depth, informative, and fair morning talk show on the airwaves.
First up Jennifer Johnson, the Manager of Real Estate for the City of Toledo, gives Troy the inside scoop on the Erie Street Market Tetra Tech deal.
Then Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken gives his thoughts on the LCIC and the Dog Warden.

#1 Morning Talk Show Gets Results Again


Lucas County Commissioner's

I was reading in the Toledo Free Press today an article Ben Konop wrote in regards to his proposal for transferring funds from the corrupt LCIC to the University of Toledo, and how this plan was thwarted by the usual suspects, Pete Gerken and Tina Skeldon-Wozniak. My first thought was, when are these goons going to be voted out of office.

More Stellar Economic Development

The doors are closing on 2 more Downtown businesses: Ken's Flowers and Diva's Restaurant. Blaming the economy and the lack of patronage, these two businesses are shutting down and turning off the lights. Diva's has been in business for 6 years and Ken's has been there for years. Ken's has already closed and Diva's is closing March 1st. In like a lion I guess.

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