OweBaMao Bin Lying & Liberals fools-

Liberal's Hatred Defined In Examples-really, who could be this so hate filled and obtuse ?!

Liberal-I hated GW-when unemployment averaged 4.5 % over 8 years.
I LOVE Obozo's, 15.9% real unemployment for 52 months straight.

Liberal-I hated GW-when gas averaged $1.82 over 8 years.
I LOVE Obbammey's,gas prices averaging $3.55 over the last 52 months.

Liberal-I hated GW-when my homes value was highest .
I LOVE OweBaMao's,as my homes values plunged 35%.

Liberal-I hated GW-when American's net worth was highest in recorded Hisotory.
I LOVE Obbbummer, as American's net worth PLUMMETED $21 TRILLION.

Liberal-I hated GW-when 478 deaths occurred in Afghanistan in 7 years.

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