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Opal: The Toledo mayoral election next week

Are you going to nail Jesus to the cross again?

God shuts off direct line to Opal

This just in:

Opal Covey, a recent fixture in Toledo politics and apparently number one on God’s speed dial received a tag on her door today notifying her that her direct line to God has been disconnected. The note was placed some time in the early morning hours of Tuesday and stated

Ms. Covey your line to God has been disconnected, if you need further assistance please dial *666 and ask for Carleton S. Finkbeiner

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Opal's Story

Opal For Mayor from sasgkng on Vimeo.

At the age of 13, Opal Covey first heard the voice of God. Her unconditional faith led her down a path of prophetic ministry, a path that brought her to Toledo, Ohio. After having her businesses destroyed and being thrown out on the street, Opal heard the voice of God again - "You're going to be Mayor". This short documentary takes a sincere look at a woman on a mission from God, persecuted and forsaken, yet unfettered as she makes her third bid for the mayoral seat.


Opal Covey Will Be Our Next Mayor

After seeing the poll that was posted here on Swampbubbles showing Ms. Covey leading with 59% of those responding I think I can safely say there is momentum moving in her direction. The people of Toledo are finally fed up with politics as usual and are expressing their frustration. My prediction for the final results of the Toledo mayoral primary is the top two vote-getters will be Opal Covey and Mike Bell. In the final matchup in November Opal Covey will defeat Bell handily. I wonder if jr of TT has come to the same conclusion?

Opal Covey For Mayor

If Toledoans are sick and tired of the same old thing when it comes to mayoral politics it is no wonder. For too many years we have had the same old good old boy candidates thrown at us. We have had Carty for twelve of the last sixteen years as mayor. Now we are finally going to be rid of him but who will replace him? Konop? Wilkowski? Bell? Collins? Moody? All of the names mentioned so far are represenatives of the powers that be in Toledo. Konop's old man is a prominent attorney. Wilkowski is another Democratic machine fixture.

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