US Gov't-run healthcare failures uncovered!

Finally it is being proven that this is the culture and when I was volunteering at the VA in Ann Arbor this was the norm and not the exception.

I believe the Dept of Veterans Affairs needs to be completely dismantled. A completely new entity needs to be constructed as the current one is so badly broken it is beyond repair.

Regardless of the President's decision

Regardless of whatever the President decides I did get some good news this week. I am going to Afghanistan. I begin predeployment training in about a month.

For those of you not familiar with my situation I have been in the military for almost 8 years now. I have been trying to deploy for almost all of that time but have been in several "non-deployable" statuses.

Army fears surge

in mental health problems among soldiers when they return from deployment. Fifteen thousand are returning from the combat zone in a few months and many of them have been out there as many as four times. The army is worried it might be overwhelmed by the mental problems of the returnees. My question: didn't they have these problems in Iraq and why weren't they diagnosed there where the damage occurred?

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