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Troy Neff Show: The voice of moderation and Michael Collins discuss 3-day shutdown

Always trying to make a difference in Toledo with positive morning talk radio, Troy interviews Michael Collins. They discuss Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's proposal to shut down nonessential government business for three days .

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Michael Collins Interview

Troy Neff Show: BREAKING NEWS - Collins Fires Off Letter To The Mayor About Blade Ad

This is brought to you from the only show that brings you the newsmakers everyday. After seeing the full page ad in The Toledo Blade to Barack Obama, Michael Collins picked up the phone to call the Troy Neff Show FIRST. Tomorrow on the only am radio talk show that gets newsmakers, Troy will have Toledo's biggest newsmaker of all, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

Troy Neff Show: Michael Collins Insists That Mayor Finkbeiner Pays For Ad In The Toledo Blade

On the show this morning Troy and Michael Collins discuss the full page ad that Mayor Carty Finkbeiner took out in The Toledo Blade. Mark Sobczak explains where the money might have come from.

Make sure to tune in tomorrow when Carty Finkbeiner is on the show.

Troy Neff Show: LIVE on the air, Collins and Finkbeiner exchange heated words

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and Councilman D. Michael Collins exchange words on
the show about recent developments at Southwyck and Developer Larry Dillin.

City again asks Dillin to help raze mall Blade

Michael Collins: Do you want to get shot, or do you want to get stabbed?

On the Troy Neff Show, Michael Collins explains why Paul Ringlein, Ken Neidert
and Andrew Ferrara got thrown under the bus by Mayor Finkbeiner.

3 face suspension over rising costs at Erie Street Market... [blade]

Morning podcast:

Troy Neff Show: Collins wants Carty to end all relations with Verso Group and Robert Croak

Troy is back from vacation and Councilman Michael Collins gets him caught up on the Erie Street Market. Listen to this three part interview that explains why Collins want's Carty to end all relations with convicted felon Robert Croak.

Michael Collins Interview Part 1 - Welcome Back

Collins Corner Legislative Update on the Erie Street Market

Councilman Collins report and comments about upcoming meeting with regards to the Erie Street Market.


Troy Neff Show: Mayor Finkbeiner talks about the Port Authority investigation and Michael Collins explains storm water fee

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner interview includes, city's investigation of Port
Authority and West Toledo Police station

Troy Neff Show: Tom Waniewski and Michael Collins talk about Navarre's plan to cut costs in West Toledo

Residents in West Toledo and other city officials are expressing concern - and even anger - over Chief Mike Navarre's decision to make major operational changes at the Northwest District Police Station in an effort to save the city $500,000... [blade]

Judge Timothy Kuhlman and Michael Collins interviewed together on the Troy Neff Show

Troy mediates as Judge Timothy Kuhlman and Michael Collins discuss the Toledo Municipal Court funding issue.

Judge Timothy Kuhlman Interview

Troy Neff Show-Michael Collins, George Sarantou and Mark Sobczak talk about banning the sale of fireworks.

Michael Collins gives a first hand account of the fire that destroyed eight apartment buildings at Hunter's Ridge complex. He said that police and fire fighters had to kick in 23 doors for rescue and if it wasn't for their heroic efforts, the casualties would have been very high.

Troy Neff Show: Exclusive Interview with Michael Collins on Brian McMahon and the Mayor

Michael Collins talks about the intermodal and how the Mayor might not be in the way.

Troy Neff Show: Michael Collins and Judge Kuhlman Square Off

Relevant Toledo issues are discussed daily on the show and Troy gets the newsmakers. Here is a sample.

Blade Headline:
Toledo loses round in security dispute

Troy Neff Show: Focus on Education with Darlene Fisher

Education is a hot topic for Toledo and Troy gets the newsmakers. Here is a collection of today’s interviews that cover the Marina District project and fact finder report.

Darlene Fisher

Steven Flagg

Steven Steel

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