Mayor Mike Bell

Mayor Bell's Trip To Germany - A Good Thing Or a Boondoggle?

Is this trip to Germany going to help us or just waste tax dollars?

Mayor Mike Bell Discusses future relations with China

The Independent Collegian had an exclusive interview with Toledo Mayor Mike Bell regarding China. Read our article to see what the mayor had to say about future ties with the country.

Less than a month in office and Mike Bell wants a tax hike

I'm sorry Toledo, but Mike Bell made his bones as a democrat. I don't know why he didn't choose to run as a democrat, but I never believed that he wouldn't govern as one. Today he asked those of you left in the city who actually pay income taxes to pay more. From 2.25% to 2.5%. But it's only "temporary".

Mike "The Rocketman" Bell

Well we are finally free of Carty Finkbeiner. In The Blade I read that our newly inaugurated Mayor announced that the new Welcome To Toledo signs would not bear his name. No ego-massaging signs for Mr. Bell as we had for Finkbeiner. Instead of the new mayor's name being displayed on the signs we will see an image of a rocket! How great! The Blade's cartoonist Kirk stuck Finkbeiner with the title Hizzoner. A great suggestion for all the pundits out there: let's call our new mayor Mike "The Rocketman" Bell!

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