Mark Sobczak

Mark Sobczak

Sobczak resigns

June 11, 2009

Dear Mr. Dendinger,

It is with a strong sense of optimism for Toledo's future that I tender my
resignation as President and an At-Large member of Toledo City Council.
This resignation takes effect following the City Council meeting on June 23.

During my three-and-a-half-years on City Council, I have sought to be a
voice for labor and to bring about a successful blending of the needs of my
fellow union brothers and sisters with the needs and wants of the city's
residents. I hope time will show this approach has been successful.

Mark Sobczak, A Known Carty Cronie, Endorsing Independent Mike Bell

Is Mark Sobczak honestly endorsing Independent Mike Bell on his own, or is there an aroma of Carty in this alliance. We all have to remember that Mike Bell was professional when he didn't rip Carty's arm off when called King Kong.

Unions win against City in mandatory furloughs, City must repay

The Union's won their case in keeping the City of Toledo from making employees take days off. City must back pay the 240 workers who were not allowed to work the day before Thanksgiving.
An arbitrator ruled Monday that Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner’s attempt to shut down the city’s nonessential services for three days to save money violated union contracts.

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Toledo City Council urged to undo aides’ pay raises

Mayor ‘disappointed’ by increases in midst of city financial pinch

Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner yesterday urged City Council to reconsider the pay raises it recently handed out to six council aides, and one councilman pressed his colleagues to put the matter to a vote.

Sobczak says Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority runs airports well

Toledo City Council President Mark Sobczak shied away yesterday from the city taking over operations of Toledo Express Airport and Metcalf Field - one of four options proposed by the director of both airports.

"I think the city is probably not best suited to run the airports," Mr. Sobczak said. "The port authority has been doing a good job."

Eric Frankl, Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority's director of airports, told council it must make a decision on the airports' long-term governance and ownership within six months.

Sobczak On The World Wide Web Courtesy Of WSPD

My interview with Council President Mark Sobczak is now podcast and available for your listening pleasure (?). Just go to and see the link for Fred LeFebvre and The Morning News Podcasts

Troy Neff Show-Michael Collins, George Sarantou and Mark Sobczak talk about banning the sale of fireworks.

Michael Collins gives a first hand account of the fire that destroyed eight apartment buildings at Hunter's Ridge complex. He said that police and fire fighters had to kick in 23 doors for rescue and if it wasn't for their heroic efforts, the casualties would have been very high.

Troy Neff Show: Joe McNamara and Council President Mark Sobczak talk Monclova Township Roadway

Listen to why Joe and Mark don’t agree on this issue.

Blade link:

McNamara: Bill for road shouldn't be paid by city

Joe McNamara Interview

Mark Sobczak Interview

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This Week On The Toledo View

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Mark Sobczak, Toledo City Council President

Talks about his job as City Council President, the next Mayoral election, as well as several lawsuits that are currently pending against the city of Toledo.

Neighborhood Picnic on the Lawn 2008!

It’s official! “Neighborhood Picnic on the Lawn”, sponsored by Bethany Lutheran Church, Toledo Block Watch, and, GateWay Marketing Online is being held in August!

Fred LeFebvre Only Talk Show Host To Attend Council Hearing Today

As the only Talk Show host in attendance this afternoon at the City Council Comittee Of The Whole meeting it's obvious others will be spending time catching up by getting the administration side of the story. That's fine because both sides need to be heard. The side you will hear on my show tomorrow is what I heard and saw , unfiltered through a politicians need to get reelected.

Troy Neff Show: Troy Welcomes Mark Sobczak, Mike Collins, and Mayor Finkbeiner

Troy welcomes these three politicians to discuss the city's infrastructure and it becomes quite contentious between the Mayor and Mr. Collins.

Mark Sobczak

Michael Collins

Mayor Finkbeiner

Mark Sobczak responds to "business as usual" Comments on The Troy Neff Show

Mark explains his recent comments made about the city's budget.

Mark Sobczak

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It'll be business as usual

""It'll be business as usual and we will say thank you to the voters who
know that we have been spending their money wisely," Mr. Sobczak said."

The Troy Neff Show: 3/4 Percent Income Tax Issue has United City Council Members

Toledo City Council members Wilma Brown and Mark Sobczak discuss Toledo's future if the the 3/4 percent tax fails on The Troy Neff Show.

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Wilma Brown

Mark Sobczak

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More Stellar Economic Development

The doors are closing on 2 more Downtown businesses: Ken's Flowers and Diva's Restaurant. Blaming the economy and the lack of patronage, these two businesses are shutting down and turning off the lights. Diva's has been in business for 6 years and Ken's has been there for years. Ken's has already closed and Diva's is closing March 1st. In like a lion I guess.

Sobczak: Toledo trash fee plan a 'procedural roadblock'

"Mark Sobczak, president of Toledo City Council,
said yesterday a contingent of councilmen were playing political games
and called a proposal to take the authority to establish the city's
monthly refuse fee away from the Finkbeiner administration a
"procedural roadblock."


Although Mr. Collins yesterday said he would support Mr. McNamara's
proposal, he cautioned against assuming that means he is against the
trash fee.

New Year, new council members, Subterfuge!

Toledo Councilman Lindsay Webb yesterday admitted
her first official vote in public office was part of a deliberate
deception over the council presidency vote.

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