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Accused! No proof/evidence! Ever! Child taken!

Corrupt Toledo magistrates!


I am a lot of things, but bad mom was never one of them., I'll try not to write a book- use only facts and truths I can provide evidence of and ask readers a few questions at the end!
I left a very abusive relationship about two years ago-im talking its shocking im still alive. I have restraining orders on this man and do all i can to keep things civil and at a distance. the juice of the story is i had a baby in may 2009 at which time a LCCS investigator came do to the past domestic violence-ok whatever but we got to talking and tells me if i open a case for family services my son could have protected daycare with my mom being the provider-I WAS FINE WITH THIS so a case was open. June was easy met the caseworker who was gonna get me all the info i neede for my son to be under my moms care for me to work and she made a case plan- and on it was i had to keep up with my sons appointments, get a job, have stable housing, but it also had some real personal information-like the psycho ex husband is not the babies father and he didnt know there was a baby(that would set him off) to be brief from here im just gonna lay it down. Somehow some way they sent him copies of all of this!

Lynn B. Jacobs and the Rev. Martin Otto Zimmann join Lucas County Children Services Board


Lynn B. Jacobs and the Rev. Martin Otto Zimmann join Lucas County
Children Services Board

(TOLEDO, OH — January 26, 2010) The Lucas County Commissioners have
appointed Lynn B. Jacobs and the Rev. Martin Otto Zimmann to the Lucas
County Children Services (LCCS) Board of Trustees.

Ms. Jacobs is retired from the Lucas County Prosecutor’s Office Civil
and Juvenile Division, where she served as an assistant prosecutor. She
is a member of the Toledo Bar Association, the Ohio State Bar
Association, and is a past-president of the Toledo Women’s Bar

LCCS Sponsoring Fatherhood Summit

(TOLEDO, Ohio - December 1, 2009) - A panel of community leaders, child
welfare experts and local fathers will discuss the important
contributions that fathers make to the lives of their children at an
upcoming Fatherhood Summit, sponsored by Lucas County Children

The discussion, which is open to the public, is scheduled for December
16 at the LCCS Conference and Learning Center, 711 Adams Street (next to
Lucas County Children Services) from 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m.

WTOL-TV news anchor Jerry Anderson will facilitate the discussion. He

Lucas County Children Services Kicks off Annual Holiday Gift Drive

Campaign Benefits Abused and Neglected Children

(TOLEDO, OH – November 24, 2009) ― The holiday season is upon us, and
Lucas County Children Services (LCCS) and Friends of Lucas County
Children Services (FLCCS) are kicking off their annual Holiday Gift
Drive. With a goal of providing holiday cheer to as many as 2,000 abused
and neglected children being served by LCCS, this year’s theme is,
“Wishing, Hoping, Dreaming."

The goal is to provide gifts for children living with their families
under LCCS supervision, or who are living with relatives in order to be

Rewind: Childrens Services surplus fund math does not add up.

So, not only does the Lucas County Children Services use questionable wording on their campaign material, but as Maggie Thurber wrote in August, they also have questionable math. And they want us to trust them?

A really good read:

My issue with Issue 38 - the Lucas County Children Services Levy - misleading wording

Update: My comments can be heard on WSPD at:

For Immediate Release:
I believe the Lucas County Children Services levy campaign (Issue 38) is misleading

Lucas County Children Services Seeking Foster and Adoptive Families

For Immediate Release

Contact: Julie Malkin, Public Information Officer
419-213-3254 (w)
419-349-7124 (c)

Lucas County Children Services Seeking Foster and Adoptive Families

(TOLEDO, Ohio–July 30, 2008)—Lucas County Children Services (LCCS)
is welcoming adults interested in becoming foster or adoptive parents to

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