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Gaswork: Documentary of the hazards of the oil and Gas industry

Accused! No proof/evidence! Ever! Child taken!

Corrupt Toledo magistrates!

Glass City reflections: Ben Konop shares his experiences in Toledo politics

Read our personal interest story on former Lucas County Commissioner Ben Konop. Follow the link below.

Lucas County Government

The Blade has been promoting a new form of government as the ultimate solution for everything. I mentioned it here: New Government Plan. Maggie Thurber has written an outstanding piece about it, and provides an excellent explanation about the differences between our current form and the proposed charter form.

Lucas County Commissioner Primary Debate for the Democrats

CoL prides itself on being non-partisan. We are interested in elected officials who want to be public servants, and who are willing to be good stewards of and fiscally responsible with our money.

While our group is not in a position to endorse candidates, our goal is to enpower our members and the community to vote their conscious, principles and values. With that expectation, we hope to provide both voters and candidates with the resources they need to get the message out.

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