Local Veterans

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I just wanted to get some feed back....Let us know what your think. I cut up these radio interviews. Thanks to Denny and Fred... we appreciate everything. ( my apologies for this not being better... but have had interviews to work on)

Memorial Day is near

West Park Place teams up with History Documented

"Today there are 19 million war veterans in the United States and every day we lose approximately 1,600 of them."

This is why History Documented has begun to work in collaboration with the West Park Place retirement home. The Program Director of West Park Place Carol Nadaud, has welcomed History Documented to interview residents who have served our country. A handful of interviews have been posted on History Documented.com, and many more are in the works.History Documented will also be on hand for Memorial Day events to honor all those who have served, past and present. Each event is geared to honor, those who have served, and educate future generations. Please join us in our efforts to embrace our heritage, and honor those who gave the " last full measure of devotion".

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