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Miller v. Stainbrook or is it Toledo Blade v. Miller?

According to The Blade story in Saturday's edition, Michael Miller, Toledo Free Press Editor in Chief, sparred with Jon Stainbrook, reported buddy of John Robinson Block, at Maumee Valley Country Day School.

If you haven't already, read about it here:

Road rage suspect cleared of charges

WOOD COUNTY, OH - Felony charges against a Tennessee man accused of stabbing Toledo radio personality Troy Neff during a road rage incident in December have been dropped.

Last week the case against Jeffrey T. Hardeman, 42, was dismissed after the Wood County grand jury failed to return formal indictment against the Knoxville, Tenn., man.

The Stainbrook tapes

Michael Miller of the Toledo Free Press pens this week's column on the "Stainbrook tapes". An interesting read if you are following the whole saga. Also of fun are the proposed messages that Jon may have on tape.

Stainbrook on Talk Back with Andrew Z

Apparently Job Stainbrook can now add journalist to his ever-growing list of accomplishments, according to his interview with Andrew Z in the Talk Back segment of Fox Toledo News.

Jon Stainbrook has just effectively isolated himself

I was alerted to this story by reading Glass City Jungle, so I went to the Blade article and read the details. Back in March, I speculated Jon may be ruining his trust by recording conversations and posting them on YouTube. Well it now appears that he just may have destroyed any chance on talking with anyone on the phone and basically anywhere. This is bad for a party chair who lives and dies by the phone.

Kasich Announces 88 County Leadership Team

Jon Stainbrook is not the local leader. One wonders if his calling people and threatening the Blade or other things on them has given him a radioactive reputation around the State. For someone who said he was the top call center in the area, one wonders why he was snubbed.

Political action committee Recharge Ohio aims to get Ohio's economy back on

COLUMBUS, OHIO - Former Ohio Congressman and Recharge Ohio Honorary Chairman
John R. Kasich today announced the statewide leadership team of Recharge
Ohio, a grassroots statewide political action committee. Recharge Ohio was

I do not hate Jon Stainbrook Blog launched (apparently recently)

Well it`appears to have been launched a little bit ago, but anyways it is out there. It is highly diappointing that they don't allow comments, but some people are afraid of diverging points of view, so it is understandable. Without further adieu:

Why I defend Jon Stainbrook

After reading Brian's comment that I was up Jon Stainbrook's ass, I felt it was important to clarify my feelings about Jon Stainbrook and the Lucas County Republican Party.

Jon Stainbrook's 6 month tally

I composed this tally for thread on Glass City Jungle.
Talk about ineffective leadership, let’s look at Jon's accomplishments in the last 6 months:
-Forgets to file paperwork to get Jan Scotland on the ballot, blames everyone and their uncles. His own mistake cost citizens the right to a second choice. Of course that is a “rookie mistake” although I can’t remember any other rookies making this mistake in the past.

Troy Neff Show: Part 2 - Be Careful What You Wish For...

This is the fourth and final round-table after President-elect Barack Obama addressed the nation after Arizona Sen. John McCain conceded the election.

Troy Neff on BlogTv

Troy Neff Show: Be Careful What You Wish For...

During FOX Toledo News' extended You Decide 2008 coverage of the presidential election as well as the regional races and issues, a panel of area experts brought insight and lively discussion throughout the evening.

Jon Stainbrook is featured in UK magazine

I did not know Jon was "Joe the Plumber's" unofficial spokesperson. I don't know what to take from the impression the author presents, it could go both ways: positive and negative. What do you think?

Stainbrook misses another deadline-has suspicious income and expenditure amounts

What was funny is now just becoming sad. Maggie Thurber is reporting that the Lucas GOP is late again on an important deadilnes and they are admitting they have not filed a complete report. Are they violating the law by not filing?

Are Lucas GOP funds being used against local Republicans?

By now its no secret Jon Satinbrook worked for John Kerry according to the Blade, and his hottie Megan Gallagher worked for Democrats Ben Konop and Jack Ford.

From stealing medicine from a sick patient at the Toledo Hospital to Lucas County GOP Central Committee chair

Yesterday, I posted a link of some protesters protesting the Lucas County GOP and I thought it was interesting that there was a mug shot of Meghan Gallagher on the poster. Well a little bit of snooping around landed me some more information on why she has a mug shot in the court system. The reason: Meghan was caught stealing medicine from a sick patient at the Toledo Hospital.

Jon Stainbrook protestors at McCain event

Lisa Renee took some photos of the event and I noticed Jon Stainbrook protesters at the McCain event (no Aaron Lewis of Staind was not there). Interesting that there was a Megan Gallagher mug shot being used on the one sign.

I was sent another photo from someone else:

The Fallen Timbers Republican Club joins other area clubs denouncing the endorsement of Levies by the Party Chairman

In following the admirable lead of Jeff Simpson and The Young Republican Club, The Fallen Timbers Republican Club Executive Board Members officially oppose the endorsement of levies, including the COSI levy, by the Lucas County Republican Party.

Greater Toledo Republican Women Club voted to not support COSI levy

Toledo, OH - The Executive Board of the Greater Toledo Republican Women voted unanimously to speak out against the decision of the Lucas County Republican Party to endorse a variety of tax levies, including the COSI Levy. As Republicans we have no business lending our support to increase taxes for our community.

Young Republicans support lower taxes, unlike Jon Stainbrook and the "New Party"

If this is an example of the "New Party", then we are in for only more disappointment. It sounds very Rinoish. Thank goodness that the Young Republicans (I am Vice President) are standing up for lower taxes and good government. If you did not hear Jon this morning on Fred's show you should.
Young Republicans oppose Republican Party Levy Endorsement

Young Republican Chairman Friday On 1370 WSPD

Jeff SImpson, head of the Young Republicans will be on with me Friday for a discussion of his group's decision to oppose the Lucas County Party position on COSI. As background be sure to listen to the Stainbrook interview at the podcast site Pay close attention to the caller at the end of the interview and what he says about the tie vote breaker.

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