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Lucas County Republican Central Committee organizational meeting Wed.

To the Republicans elected to the Central Committee. Thank you for serving and taking on the important role of organizing your precincts including volunteers and signs - it is an important responsibility. I no longer serve on the central committee nor work with the Republican Party anymore, but everyone knows my affiliations.

The choice:

Meeting is Wednesday evening:
Wednesday June 11, 2014
Premier Catering
4480 Heatherdowns
Toledo, OH 43614

Remember, this is Jon Stainbrook:

An interview with one of Jon Stainbrook's ward chairs who has not clue what is going on

WARNING: Contains language of the clueless. Very frustrating for those who want change.

Strike two: Stainbrook removed from elections board

Jon Stainbrook is removed from the Lucas County Board of elections after extensive investigation from Jon Husted.

Read the letter at:

Republican Mandate For Change: Jon Stainbrook’s final days

The people of Lucas County have spoken and they want change! Earlier this month I ran a successful campaign for District 11’s State Central Committee for the Ohio Republican Party. My opponent was Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook. I defeated Mr. Stainbrook, an incumbent, by 20% with a vote of 60% to 40%. I believe this vote reflects the attitude of Lucas County Republicans who want change in party leadership.

Jon Stainbrook is a cancer on any organization he is a part of

One thing that is a highlight of Jon Stainbrook, is that he is known to destroy anything he touches. For example, the Lucas County Republican Party has never been in worse shape, the Board of Elections is a laughing stock and full of problems.

Jon Stainbrook effectively removed from Board of Elections

When the Secretary of State can no longer trust anyone, he has to appoint two judges to do the job of the Board of Elections.


Secretary of State Jon Husted notified the Lucas County Board of Elections (BOE) May 20 of the selection of two former judges to provide bipartisan oversight for the certification of the recent primary election.

Judge Peter Handwork and Judge Charles Wittenberg will work with the BOE on the certification of the May 6 primary and the Toledo City Council District 2 special election results.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014
3:00 p.m.
Early Vote Center
1946 North 13th Street, 3rd Floor, Suite 385


Determining the Eligibility of Provisional Ballots
Determining the Eligibility of Absentee Ballot Envelopes
Certification of Candidate
Campaign Finance Referral
Assign Authority for Subpoenas for Stainbrook Investigation
Approval of Past Meeting Minutes


husted announces next step for boe

Jon Husted appointed former judges, Peter Handwork and Charles Wittenberg, to oversee the Lucas County Board of Elections. Does that sound like a solution?

What are these two to "oversee"--the incompetency and dysfunction of the BOE? The people who are supposed to be doing their jobs, but aren't?

It seems like this is the typical political "fix" for a situation--assign additional people or form a committee to correct what the other committee did wrong.

Using a term that became popular during the Iraq War, what's the exit strategy for these judges? Are we forgetting about forcing Stainbrook, Kaczala, DeGidio, and Rothenbuhler to resign?

what's taking Jon Husted so long?

Is there anything more frustrating than government inertia? Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has made it well-known that the Lucas County Board of Elections has taken up more of his time than all of the other counties combined. He's put together a special investigative committee and has asked for the resignations of election board members and employees (most of whom haven't complied)--and still there's no final resolution.

Interestingly, one of the members of Husted's special committee is the very person who refused to place Jon Stainbrook on the BOE back in early 2010--former Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. Stainbrook's like a bad penny for her.

If you recall, there were two factions of the Republican Party in Lucas County in those days--the Stainbrook faction and the Jeffrey Simpson faction. As seems to be the norm, the Ohio Republican Party couldn't get its act together to decide which of these factions was "official." So each submitted a nominee for the Lucas County BOE and Brunner rejected them both and made her own appointment (Mr. Husted--hint, hint).

Jon Stainbrook begs for job at Lucas County Board of Elections

The cancer is on the fence:

TOLEDO -- Four ousted members of the Lucas County Board of Elections are fighting for their jobs before state officials Thursday.

Last week, after a four-week investigation into "dysfunction" at the board of elections, a state transparency committee recommended to Secretary of State John Husted that board members Tony DeGidio, Ron Rothenbuhler, and Jon Stainbrook be replaced, along with Director Gina Kaczala and Deputy Director Dan DeAngelis

Jon Husted recommends removing Jon Stainbrook from board of elections

After voters picked Bill Delany over Jon Stainbrook, now the transparency committee recommends that Jon Stainbrook be fired. Looks like everyone is finally coming to senses that Jon is not very good at anything and is a cancer to any organization he associates himself with. It is nice that all of the bad things he has done is now coming back to haunt him.


A transparency committee appointed by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted recommended May 9 that three of the four Lucas County Board of Elections (BOE) members be fired along with the board’s director and deputy director.

Election Results and General Brouhaha - May, 2014

But mainly general brouhaha. Here's the latest, courtesy of the local bird cage liner:
From The Blade:Primary Election Results Delayed in Lucas County

The primary election results were delayed well past midnight today partially because of the missing cards, but Elections Director Gina Kaczala said "we have other problems."

Yeah, they've got problems alright. Here's the source of the problems.

Great news: Bill Delaney beating John Stainbrook for State Central Committee

Jon seems to be on the outs - the great news is that at 11:30 pm, Bill Delaney is beating Jon Stainbrook by almost 20% with 75% of the precincts reporting. Looks like Jon's chickens have come back to roost. Thank you voters and thank you Bill Delaney!

Lucas County Board of Elections - Board Meeting

The full 30 minutes of the Lucas County Board of Elections meeting where John Stainbrook placed in a limbo status pending an investigation of an allegation he texted a message to someone in the warehouse to work slowly and not report errors.

Stainbrook focus of criminal investigation

With an election only five days away, three members of the Lucas County Board of Elections voted Thursday to launch an investigation against the fourth member over an allegation that he sent a text to a board employee encouraging him to drag out preparations for the election.

Non-existent address on Stainbrook voter registration raises too many questions

When it comes to getting your address correct, you'd think most people would be pretty good at it.

Admittedly, there are some people who are dyslexic and might have trouble writing down their own address, but they at least know what it is and take steps to make sure they are accurate when communicating it.

Apparently, that's not the case with Robert C. Stainbrook II and the forms that have been submitted to the Board of Elections in his name.

Read the rest at:

Jon Husted Condemns Board of Elections

After an inquiry to WTOL I was able to obtain a link the the 13 April Leading Edge featuring Jon Husted talking about the Transparency Committee at the Board of Elections.

His remarks were stern and to the point. I submit;

"We spend more time and resources helping to manage the Lucas county board of
elections from Columbus than we spend collectively on the other 87 counties in the
state combined. It is become a burden on the elections systems in Ohio and it
needs to be fixed and we need to fix it quickly." - Jon Husted

138 of Stainbrook Central Committee candidates request absentee ballots

Absentee ballots are being requested by Stainbrook/Gallagher Central Committee candidates in unprecedented numbers.

Many of these candidates are also first time voters. Stainbrook not only collected the 5 signatures to get these candidates on the ballot, he also submitted their voter registration cards, signing them up as new voters.

Aren’t the Central Committee people supposed to be the “Mr or Mrs Republican” in their neighborhoods?

Stainbrook gets in a verbal nasty altercation with local conservatives

Lucas County Chairman Jon Stainbrook showed his true colors over the weekend in an altercation between myself, him and his opponent Bill Delaney for State Central Committee and County Chairman of the GOP.

Stainbrook / Gallagher submitted 274 Central Committee petitions, none of the candidates collected their own signatures

Stainbrook / Gallagher submitted 274 Central Committee petitions, none of the candidates collected their own signatures

Did Stainbrook and Gallagher recruit candidates whose only job is to vote for them at the next re-organization meeting?

Or, did they recruit Republican go-getters who will take on the job of a Central Committee members, working in their neighborhoods to build a strong foundation for the future of the party.

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