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Lucas County Republican Party of Clowns sues Husted

"The party's executive committee has filed what's called a *writ of mandamus* with the Ohio supreme court.

Party leaders want the justices to force Jon Husted to seat Kelly Bensman and Ben Roberts as the two new Republicans on the Lucas County Board of Elections.

Party chairman, Jon Stainbrook says, "This was simply to ask the secretary of state to finally do your job and seat the two people the executive committee, the leadership of the party would like to sit on the board of elections.""

Strike two: Stainbrook removed from elections board

Jon Stainbrook is removed from the Lucas County Board of elections after extensive investigation from Jon Husted.

Read the letter at:

Jon Husted recommends removing Jon Stainbrook from board of elections

After voters picked Bill Delany over Jon Stainbrook, now the transparency committee recommends that Jon Stainbrook be fired. Looks like everyone is finally coming to senses that Jon is not very good at anything and is a cancer to any organization he associates himself with. It is nice that all of the bad things he has done is now coming back to haunt him.


A transparency committee appointed by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted recommended May 9 that three of the four Lucas County Board of Elections (BOE) members be fired along with the board’s director and deputy director.

Jon Husted Condemns Board of Elections

After an inquiry to WTOL I was able to obtain a link the the 13 April Leading Edge featuring Jon Husted talking about the Transparency Committee at the Board of Elections.

His remarks were stern and to the point. I submit;

"We spend more time and resources helping to manage the Lucas county board of
elections from Columbus than we spend collectively on the other 87 counties in the
state combined. It is become a burden on the elections systems in Ohio and it
needs to be fixed and we need to fix it quickly." - Jon Husted

Husted's Stain

The Toledo Free Press asked the question about a month ago the same thing, but when will Jon Husted step into the Lucas County Board of Elections and make some changes? Will it be once Jon Stainbrook tears down any last respect and makes everyone question the Board of Elections? It is a sad day when you are hoping that James Ruvulo tries to keep anything sane when you know that all of the board members should be doing this.


COLUMBUS – The following statement can be attributed in whole, or in part, to Ohio State Senator Jon Husted (R- Kettering) in response to the introduction of the House Democrats’ redistricting proposal.

“The fact that the Democrats are now engaged in the debate on redistricting reform is welcome news. I look forward to working with them.

“I am disappointed that the House has chosen not to pass redistricting reform before the February 3rd deadline so the voters could decide the issue in May. Missing this deadline is a blow to reform efforts.


COLUMBUS—State Senator Jon Husted (R-Kettering) introduced an important resolution this week that calls on leaders in Washington to reduce barriers in elections law that negatively impact the ability of our nation’s military personnel and other Americans located overseas to register to vote and cast a ballot.

“Current voting procedures, both at the state and federal level, fail to recognize the unique logistical and geographical challenges that the dedicated men and women in our armed forces and other Americans living overseas face in order to exercise their right to vote,” said Husted.


Columbus, OH-State Senator Jon Husted (R-Kettering), candidate for Ohio Secretary of
State, today announced his campaign has more than $1.25 million on hand for his statewide

"I continue to be grateful for the overwhelming support I have received from so many
supporters across the state," Husted said. "The campaign is off to a great start, and I
look forward to building on our successes during the months to come."

Husted announced his candidacy for Secretary of State on April 2, 2009. He currently

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