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Joe-the-Plumber Toledo Jeep Worker

Joe-the-Plumber is now employed as a Toledo Jeep UAW autoworker. Seems the Tea Party elite abandoned Ole Joe. Maybe Karl Rove can bail him out!

Fox news Employee of the Month.

2008 Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin has been chosen Fox News' employee of the month, for her glowing report on Megyn Kelly's reporting of "misinformation" to America.

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Let The Voting Games Begin! Don't Get Bamboozled!

I drove by the polling location this afternoon, and the line was out the door and down the street. It is good to see that so many people are voting in this historic election.

In addition...we are in November, and the weather is great! Tomorrow hopefully the weather will be just as nice, so that should not be a factor in keeping people from getting out to vote.

I can only imagine how long the lines will be on tomorrow.

McCain on SNL

I don't know if you have seen or not, but John McCain was on SNL and actually he did more than what any candidate has done. Unlike when Sarah was there, I think they were making fun of her, John McCain was funny and really said a lot and the skits did not make fun of him. I am sure that I will post the video when it is online.

Obama's Secret Weapons: Internet, Databases and Psychology

From Wired Magazine, a look-through of the technology and techniques used to recruit supporters and votes. Pretty interesting...

The Obama campaign has been building, tweaking and tinkering with its technology and organizational infrastructure since it kicked off in February 2007, and today has most sophisticated organizing apparatus of any presidential campaign in history. Previous political campaigns have tapped the internet in innovative ways — Howard Dean's 2004 presidential run, and Ron Paul's bid for this year's Republican nomination, to name two. But Obama is the first to successfully integrate technology with a revamped model of political organization that stresses volunteer participation and feedback on a massive scale, erecting a vast, intricate machine set to fuel an unprecedented get-out-the-vote drive in the final days before Tuesday's election.

I am voting for Joe the Plumber

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Christian right's mailings depict disastrous future under Obama

Terrorist strikes on four American cities. Russia rolling into Eastern Europe. Israel hit by a nuclear bomb. Gay marriage in every state. The end of the Boy Scouts.
All are plausible scenarios if Democrat Barack Obama is elected president, according to a new addition to the campaign conversation called "Letter from 2012 in Obama's America," produced by the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family Action.

The imagined look into the future is part of an escalation in rhetoric from Christian right activists who are trying to paint Obama in the worst possible terms as the campaign heads into the final stretch and polls show the Democrat ahead.

McCain in Toledo coverage

Here is a round up of McCain coverage:

Toledo Free Press coverage:
"Joe won because he was the only person to get a real answer out of Senator Obama. Congratulations! Joe did what nobody else has been able to do,’’ he said.


Who is Barack Obama?

Can Barack Obama be a Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Muslim who attended a Christian church for 20 years headed by an un-American white people hating pastor? And does he have to be all that in order for people not to vote for him?

Who won the final debate tonight?

John McCain
42% (40 votes)
Barack Obama
37% (35 votes)
Joe "The Plumber"
21% (20 votes)
Total votes: 95

In Final Debate, Can McCain Rattle an Imperturbable Foe?

With less than three weeks to go before Election Day, the Republican presidential nominee faces a daunting overall task. He is so far behind in the national polls and in most key individual states that it is difficult to assemble a single combination of Electoral College votes to get him to the necessary 270.

The Obama event and watch what happens next

Troy Neff Show: LIVE from London, New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Jerome Corsi talks about being detained in Kenya

Jerome Corsi, author of "The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality," was picked up Tuesday morning by Kenyan authorities shortly before he planned to host a news conference to promote his book, which Obama's campaign has dismissed as a smear campaign riddled with falsehoods.

Who won the debate?

Troy Neff Show: Jon Stainbrook, the Lucas County Republican chairman, invited to host the show

Tune in tomorrow to see if GOP chairman Jon Stainbrook and Matthew Bartow
host the Troy Neff Show - 6to10am

Troy Neff on BlogTv

keating economics / john mccain & the making of a financial crisis

What does the next President of the United States drive?

Given all of the recent misleading posts, here is a nice article in Forbes Auto about the cars the presidential candidates drive and what it could mean about them.

A politician's choice of car is highly scrutinized these days, as voters hope to glean some insight into who is the best choice. What do Barack Obama and John McCain's cars say about them?

Fact checking the first presidential debate

WASHINGTON - Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain stretched the facts in accusing each other of kowtowing to the oil industry and sprinkled other dubious assertions across the landscape of public policy in their first presidential debate.

Pastor Speaks About The Republican Party and Sarah Palin!

You have to see this!

There have been many pastors speaking about the upcoming election.

Now a pastor from Baltimore, MD; Pastor Jamaal Harrison-Bryant of Empowerment Temple speaks about the Republican Party, John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Pastor Bryant makes reference to Sarah Palin being bipolar as well as beng a product of a trailer park.

You can view it on YouTube:

Palin: New Great Depression may be on way

NEW YORK - Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said yesterday that the United States could be headed for another Great Depression if Congress doesn't act on the financial crisis.

Mrs. Palin made the comment in an interview with CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric while visiting New York to meet foreign leaders.

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