John Kasich

Kasich's illegal appointment to Director of Health

Defend this, conservatives!

On Friday afternoon Kasich released a statement saying he was going to appoint Rick Hodges as Director of the Ohio Department of Health. Hodges, a former lawmaker, currently leads the Ohio Turnpike Commission. Hodges will be replacing Dr. Ted Wymyslo… and that “Dr.” part is kind of important.

According to Ohio Revised Code 121.10:

The director of health shall be either:

(A) A physician holding the degree of doctor of medicine from a medical college approved by the state medical board who, before assuming his duties, has been licensed to practice medicine in the state and who has had experience in pursuing some phase of medical practice;

(B) An individual who has had significant experience in the public health profession.

Art by Paul Wolfarth???

Looks like wolfie's art skills are moving beyond just cutting and pasting...

Wenzel Strategies Poll: Majority Favors Repeal of Ohio Senate Bill 5

I don't normally post these here, but I thought it was interesting...

APRIL 12, 2011 - If the repeal of Ohio's Senate Bill 5 were on the ballot today, the repeal would be successful by a double-digit margin, largely on the strength of independent voters, 54% of whom favor repeal of the law, latest Wenzel Strategies telephone survey shows. Another 41% of independents said they would vote to keep Senate Bill 5 in place, according to the recent poll.

Read the rest:

New Kasich TV Ad

Kasich has a new positive ad out. When's the last time we saw one of those?


9th District- Marcy Kaptur over Rich Iott- 60-39%
-it's a shame that the 9th is saddled with two very flawed candidates. At least, Marcy won't be sitting next to the gavel anymore.

5th District- Bob Latta over Caleb Finkenbiner and Brian Smith 63-35-2%
-no surprise here.

Governor- John Kasich over Ted Strickland

John Kasich Antiunion worker

I am a firefighter and a Union member. I know it's all the rage to find a Union member that is retiring with millions of dollar and gaming the system. But for most of us that's just not the case. John Kasich will try to "Break the backs of labor unions if elected" Well Unions are people, regular people just trying to get by.

John Kasich

John Kasich's new ad takes place in Toledo:

Mary Taylor Talks About John Kasich's Record

Mary Taylor narrates a new commercial for John Kasich for Governor.

Kasich is up with his first TV Ad

Kasich is up with his first ad - positive message.

John Kasich's First Television Ad

John Kasich responds to his attackers in his first television ad.

Cool John Kasich video of him visiting the entire state

John Kasich's Newest Video

Here's the latest video from the Kasich Campaign- pretty good stuff.

John Kasich Camapaign Video

The Kasich campaign released a new bio video:

Kasich Rebuttal to Strickland

This is John Kasich's response to Governor Strickland's State of the State Address:

John Kasich and Mike Huckabee Web Event

On Tuesday, October 13 at 12:15pm EST, please join Ohio Gubernatorial candidate John Kasich, former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, and a live studio audience of young Ohioans for an interactive webcast. In an effort to reverse the brain drain that is crippling Ohio’s competitiveness, Tuesday’s conversation will center on the imperatives of creating jobs and revitalizing Ohio’s anemic economy.

Cool Kasich Video

Great Video by Kasich Campaign w/ a little Beautiful Day thrown in.

Kasich Announcement on June 1

John Kasich is going to have a big announcement on June 1.

Ohio's Economy

Latest Video from Recharge Ohio - Points out how bad the jobs situation is in OH.

Pretty Cool Video

This is a well edited video from the blog Third Base Politics

John Kasich Video from Columbus Tea Party

Here is a video of John Kasich speaking in Columbus this week...

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