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One of the biggest disappointments of President Barack Obama presidency is his failure to close Guantanamo Bay as promised during his presidential campaign. So say the people looking for an excuse to diss the president. Soooooo where do they think the "prisoners" are going when released? Isn't Guantanamo Bay a military prison? So does that mean that most of the prisoners would be our prisoners of war? Would that mean that most then would be from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other places of war?

White boys in America suffering.

"White boys suffer profoundly," states Van Jones. One reason is that they don't have leaders in their community who are caring, loving individuals. How very true! At least black boys have black men that they can look up to, such as Van Jones, Jesse Jackson, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Al Sharpton, Colin Powell, Eric Michael Dyson, Eric Holder and of course President Barack Obama. And there are many, many more.


Meet the Candidates for District 9 - including Joe the Plumber

Meet the Candidates (Also - Please bring a toy for the Toys for Tots)
Tuesday, November 29, 2011, 7:00 PM

Maumee Indoor Theater
601 Conant St, Maumee , OH (map)

Meet the two Republican Candidates for Ohio US District 9. This is the seat currently held by Marcy Kaptur. Steve Kraus and Samuel (Joe) Wurzelbacher ALSO - What we need to do to make sure one of these candidates occupys Kaptur's seat (the one next to the gavel) in 2012. PLEASE - Bring a toy for "Toys for Tots"

The Kochs vs. Soros: Free markets vs. state coercion:

The Kochs vs. Soros: Free markets vs. state coercion
Palm Springs, California -

At the front gates of the Rancho Las Palmas resort, a few hundred liberals rallied Sunday against "corporate greed" and polluters. They chanted for the arrest of billionaires Charles and David Koch, and their ire was also directed at the other free market-oriented businessmen invited here by the Koch brothers to discuss free markets and electoral strategies.

Left-Wing McCarthyism

Why would a national publication be remotely interested in a candidate in the Ohio 9th Congressional race? It doesn't take someone with the IQ of a brick to figure out that someone had to have tipped off Atlantic Monthly about Iott's re-enactments and that someone was probably involved with or a supporter of the Kaptur campaign.

Now, the definition of McCarthyism: 1) The practice of publicizing accusations of political disloyalty or subversion with insufficient regard to evidence. 2) The use of unfair investigatory or accusatory methods in order to suppress opposition.

NEWS ALERT: NC Tea Partiers assault man!

June 10, 2010 After trying to reason with the Tea Party Protesters a scuffle broke out.

Joe the Plumber talks to Editor and Publisher

Joe the Plumber has a one-to-one with Editor and Publisher. He gives his thoughts on the media, Sarah Palin, and of course Obama.

LOGAN, UTAH Forever a part of American electoral history, Joe Wurzelbacher--better known as "Joe the Plumber"--is hitting back at the media for its coverage of him over the past year, telling Editor & Publisher the reporting has been "poorly done."

Taxpayers foot bill for employees being sued by ‘Joe the Plumber’

Taxpayers foot bill for employees being sued by ‘Joe the Plumber’
By William Hershey, Staff Writer
Updated 12:25 AM Sunday, November 15, 2009

COLUMBUS — Ohio taxpayers are right in the middle of the civil rights lawsuit that Samuel Joseph — “Joe the Plumber” — Wurzelbacher has filed against three former state employees, charging that they illegally accessed his confidential information through state databases.

UT College Republicans Host Joe the Plumber and Pledge to Reclaim Campus

*Joe the Plumber joins University of Toledo College Republicans as they
Pledge to Reclaim Campus*

The University of Toledo College Republicans will host their
first meeting Tuesday August 25th in the Student Union Room 2591. Joe "The
Plumber" Wurzelbacher will be in attendance as the UTCRs will lay out a plan
to reclaim the university in the name of Conservative Values.

The UT College Republicans are the reigning chapter of the year in
the state of Ohio. Last year their local business support program
picked up national headlines as did their efforts in the 2008

God told Joe not to run for office

Joe what if it was the devil portraying himself as god? :)

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher — you know him best as Joe the Plumber from Ohio — said in October he was thinking about running for Congress, challenging veteran Rep. Marcy Kaptur, a Democrat who represents the Toledo area.

No more. Joe says his No. 1 adviser has nixed the idea, ThinkProgress reports, citing an interview he gave to WorldNetDaily.

Joe the Plumber Steals the Show From Brit Hume

Looks like our friend Joe is still keeping it "fresh".

Joe the Plumber takes on GOP chair

Joe is now taking on against Steele.
Joe the Plumber criticized Republican National Chairman Michael Steele over the weekend for trying to repackage the GOP.

Joe the Plumber is now suing Ohio

More Joe the Plumber news, and you thought he was gone :)
It would be a heckuva lot more dramatic if Joe the Plumber announced he was representing himself in the lawsuit.

Entering the courtroom with legal briefs in one hand and plunger in the other. Vowing to flush the legal system clean of impropriety and wrong doing.

Odds that Joe the Plumber will run

The Atlantic has an article on the odds of Joe the Plumber running against Marcy. For someone who was said to have his 15 minutes of fame, he surpassed that a long time ago.

In case you were wondering about the odds that Joe Wurzelbacher (for the rest of his life aka "Joe the Plumber") will, as he has indicated he may be up for, run for Congress, is now taking odds on that and other prospects for Wurzelbacher's political future.

More on Joe:

More Joe the Plumber news

Joe the Plumber proves you can't keep a good man down:
Joe the Plumber now advising the GOP on the economy -

Conservative Internet TV Brings Joe the Plumber to D.C. -

Joe the Plumber to address GOP Hill aides -

Joe the Plumber is here, and he ain't happy

Joe is making news in Israel, from the Jerusalem Post:
Samuel Wurzelbacher of Ohio, aka Joe the Plumber, arrived in Sderot at noon Sunday to show local and foreign reporters how to do it right.

Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber, has arrived in Israel to cover the war in Gaza.

"You should be ashamed of yourself," he told foreign reporters.

"You should be patriotic, protect your family and children, not report like you have been doing for the past two weeks since this war has started," he said.

Joe the Plumber: War Correspondent?

TOLEDO, Ohio--Joe the Plumber is taking on a new job.

The Ohio man, who became famous during the U.S. presidential campaign after asking Barack Obama about his tax plan, is heading to Israel as a war correspondent for a conservative Web site called

Dubbed "Joe the Plumber" by McCain's campaign, Samuel "Joe" Wurzelbacher was held up as an example of an American worker who would be hurt economically by Obama's election.

Joe the Plumber Memoir

Joe now has a book:
Blade has a detailed writeup of his book:
'Joe' pens memoir on his life, his dream
Like the two men whose campaigns for president he influenced with his unexpected step upon the national political stage, Joe the Plumber has published a book about his life.

Joe the Plumber Pens Memoir

Helen Jones-Kelley quits and thank goodness

She is gone, but the taste that is left in the mouth is that Ted did not want to do anything about it. Read more:

There is more out there, just am tired and don't want to look anymore :)

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