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Why is Paula Deen apologizing?

Because I thought being a Democrat, or at least a supporter of our current president, meant never having to say "I'm sorry" or being called a racist.

"Television chef Paula Deen, who lost her gig Friday with the Food Network after admitting and apologizing for having used racial epithets, including the “N-word,” is a supporter of President Barack Obama, campaigning on his behalf in 2008 and cultivating a friendship with first lady Michelle Obama." (emphasis mine)

'N-word' user Paula Deen is an Obama supporter

Perhaps she should have conferred with Joe Biden prior to making her apology?

Biden Will Be In Toledo Monday

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Vice President Joe Biden's office says he'll discuss the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq in an address Monday to the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Indianapolis.
On Monday afternoon, Biden is scheduled to visit a Chrysler LLC plant in Toledo, Ohio.
The Chrysler Toledo Assembly Complex makes the Jeep Wrangler. Biden's office says he'll talk about the Obama administration's efforts to rescue Chrysler, General Motors and suppliers during the auto industry crisis.
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Biden's visit and Jon Stainbrook on Obama's Birth Certificate

Joe Biden and Obama's Birth Certificate

I drove my car (with my Beyond Babylon signs on it) to the site where Vice President Joe Biden was to speak in Perrysburg, Ohio and found most of the protesters were children, literally, holding signs in the very hot sun (I was reassured they were well hydrated). I'm not sure what their protest was about (if one of their leaders reads this, contact and let me know and I'll update this information).

Can Biden Shed Light on the Birth Certificate?

Biden scheduled to visit Perrysburg
PERRYSBURG - ...Biden will appear at Willard & Kelsey Solar Group headquarters, 1775 Progress Drive, Tuesday to discuss emerging manufacturing opportunities for the middle class during a Middle Class Task Force meeting, according to U.S. Rep. Bob Latta's (R-Bowling Green) office.


No one wants to see Joe the VP

Here is the photo of Joe Biden's event at Marion Harding High School yesterday. No one wants to see Joe. Where is this momentum?

I'm confused....250K, 200k, 150k which is it?

In the past week I have read or heard the Obama campaign preach about tax breaks for those making from 250K or less all the way down to those making 150k or less as evidenced by the following:

Under the Obama Plan:
Middle class families will see their taxes cut – and no family making less than $250,000 will see their taxes increase.

Obvious that the VP candidate is a criminal.

From the Washington Times:

Biden routes campaign cash to family, their firms
Discloses $2 million in business arrangements
Jim McElhatton (Contact)
Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Barack Obama and Joe Biden: The Change We Need"...somebody better tell Joe!

The quoted title of this post is what appears in the title bar of the Barack Obama website.

The we have this header on the main page...

Now we have this quote from Biden during the debate...

Biden: No coal plants in America and we don't support clean coal

Thanks to sepp on GCJ for pointing this out.

Some facts adrift in vice presidential debate

Some preliminary fact checking calls catches Biden and Palin. See a couple of the articles below:;_ylt=A...


Biden misleads with accusation of tax increase

WASHINGTON - Joe Biden charged Thursday during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania that John McCain's tax proposals for health insurance would be "the largest tax increase in the history of America for the middle class." He was wrong.

Canadian News: Biden to quit, Hillary to become VP Candidate

From Canadian News websites:

Senator Biden to Quit, Hillary to Become Obama’s VP?

By Sean Osborne Friday, September 12, 2008


Joe Biden: CORPORATE WHORE? or just laundering money for his son?

"But the legal dispute has offered inside glimpses of the deals, including revelations that a corporate counsel working for the Hunter Biden-led venture was awaiting sentencing on a federal money-laundering charge, and allegations of drug abuse by one hedge fund's senior officers and prior owners.

Biden for VP? What do you think?

Obama choose Biden on Saturday morning. What do you think about Joe Biden for VP?

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