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Breaking News, Downtown Shooting

Breaking News:

Today, sometime around 12:30 pm, a homeless man was shot approximately three times out-sideof the Greyhound Bus Station located in downtown Toledo. One witness was able to get a license number from the vehicle. The man was taken by ambulance to St. Vincent Hospital.
According to reports the Toledo Police are looking for a maroon SUV and a black Dodge Durango, however this information is not confirmed by the dispatchers citing department policy that went into effect sometime last week.

Story at http://www.foxtoledo.com/dpp/news/wupw050909_Man_shot_in_downtown_Toledo

Homeless Population Has Gone Down by 12%

As the story says below, the "chronic" homeless numbers have gone down, but the newly homeless numbers are increasing (families).

By Wendy Koch, USA TODAY

Toledo's bad Youtube behavior: Abusing homeless, impersonating cops, vandalism, the whole 9 yards, and lots of questions

I frequently scour the Internet looking for what shows up about this area and what people are saying. On Friday evening I came across one of the most disturbing Youtube videos I have seen and it was made here in Toledo, most likely by a group on the East Side. Seeing the videos made me sick and wondered why people would do such a thing.

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