Hitler-Ooops, Stalin-Oooops, Mao-Oooops, Obbammey's IRS-goes after America's Vicar of Christ

OBOZO, the dog eating, coke fiend,fatherless spawn- sinister, wicked, and thoroughly evil dictates & demands to the IRS, " go after the Reverend Billy Graham "?!

America's , Vicar of Christ, is targeted for IRS persecution ala how Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Chavez, Pol-Pot,et al-did with their way of payback, all to rid their hideous devil inspired agenda from going full speed ahead !!!!

The Mohammadden, Chicongo Way "president", is as wicked as any terrorist who has murdered real American's, in COLD BLOOD !!!

And, Liberal heathen scum do not care ?!

well, looks like iott has made the meme.


What do people think about Rich Iott being photographed with a REAL member of the SS? I was considering voting for the man, he has the right ideas on helping businesses grow, but on the last page of the front section of The Blade today it identifies one person he is standing with as a veteran of the Waffen SS Wiking division, the one that Mr. Iott reenacts. That really crosses a line with me, it's one thing to study history, but to seek out someone who committed those atrocities? That's indefensible.

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