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The Problem With WSPD 1370

Is WSPD going through the end of product cycle?

Toledo Blade
May 25, 2014
Former Clear Channel executive Andy Stuart returns to local radio with Cumulus

Quote from article:

The incomplete interview and commentary from WSPD on CAC

I listened,

This podcast conspicuously misses the pre-break commentary from Fred and Sarah...

Fred and WSPD prove themselves to be unfairly unbalanced once again.

Get the full thing and put it on the website with an apology for the selective editing.


Tim Wise, an author and speaker on the issue of racism and white privilege will be speaking at Woodward High School September 12, 2013 at 7PM. The community should join in the conversation to address the issues surrounding Race in America.

Race-The Power of an Illusion

"But it was another racialized New Deal program, the Federal Housing Administration, that helped generate much of the wealth that so many white families enjoy today. These revolutionary programs made it possible for millions of average white Americans - but not others - to own a home for the first time. The government set up a national neighborhood appraisal system, explicitly tying mortgage eligibility to race.

Fred LeFebvre, WSPD and Swamp Bubblers

Small town news: This was a Facebook entry in September 2011
"What do you think? Are the words and actions of Fred LeFebvre an appropriate display for a person holding an on-the-air employment position with 1370 WSPD-AM Radio?"
Comments 5-8-2012 From Fred LeFebvre of 1370 WSPD-AM Radio:

Wolfman the Race Hustler

A poll doesn't allow for much of an intro, so I just wanted to convey a few thoughts prior to putting it up. Let me start by saying this...this is in no way an attempt to stifle discussion, about race or almost any other topic (sorry, but I'm not changing my mind about wanting to send Justin Bieber back to Canada). Free and open discussion can be extremely productive when those involved have an interest in genuine dialogue. Unfortunately, what isn't productive is when someone trips over an issue and suddenly feels the need to lecture everyone around them. So, when reading on please keep this one question in mind.

How much does wolfman really care about racism?

Tactics of a WSPD Demagogue

Clarity for the uninformed:
Developments by multiple posters trying to silence the Wolfman because of increased traction of his adversarial blogging give cause for reflection. The Wolfman only wishes to exercise his right to free speech without malice. The Wolfman has met the aggrieved party with the chosen apology as requested in a timely manner. The aggrieved was mistakenly caught in the heated cross fire of public debate of the public talk show host’s news reports. Wolfman knows the job market is tough and wishes no ill will toward the aggrieved.

Electing the Next Statist

From Ken Matesz, Candidate for Governor of Ohio

July 16, 2010

Many supporters of my campaign are aware that I teach classes about the US Constitution. In fact, my first public announcement of my candidacy for Governor of Ohio occurred at the very end of one of my classes last winter. A month or so later at a tea party gathering where I briefly spoke, one of my students came to me and said, “I really appreciate your class and everything you are doing, but I will not be voting for you. I have to cast a vote for the Republican candidate. We can’t let the Democrats stay in office.”

Doomsayers disputed

The Toledo Blade Opinion June 28, 2010
A certain portion of the population responds to every hike in a city fee or reduction in a city service by saying: See! It's no wonder people are leaving Toledo in droves.

Problem is, they're not.

According to the latest estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau, Toledo lost fewer than 500 residents between July 1, 2008, and July 1, 2009. That's hardly a flood, and it's better than how Akron, Dayton, or Cleveland fared over the same period.

Should Fred Lefebver of WSPD radio take over Brian Wilson's job?

Come Welcome Our American Idol!

The city of Toledo's Parade for Crystal Bowersox Friday, May 14, 11:30a.m.
Parade starts at the corner of Washington and Summit streets, moves north on Summit to Madison, concludes inside Promenade Park. FREE & Open to the Public Crystal Bowersox Concert at Levis Square following the Parade (corner of Madison and St. Clair). Friday, May 14, approximately 12:30p.m. (45 minutes of original and cover songs. Sponsored by The Toledo Blade).

Fred and Keith

Fred LeFebvre's good interview with Keith Wilkowski this morning.

Another Financial Planner has his day in court

Ex-radio host facing April 29 jury trial for assault charge

Troy Neff behind bars! Who would have thought...

A trial date has been set for a former radio host who was involved in a December road-rage incident.

Troy Neff, 40, of Curtice is charged with assault, a first-degree misdemeanor, for the fight in which he was stabbed by a Tennessee man.

A jury trial was set for April 29 after a plea agreement could not be reached Thursday between Mr. Neff's attorney, Drew Griffith, and William Connelly, Jr., a Wood County assistant prosecutor.

WSPD's Fred Lefebvre hangs up on caller because he does not agree with him.

Not much of a surprise Fred Lefebvre hangs up on a caller because of a difference of opinion on the politics of Toledo. Fred said the audio of the conversation would be posted on the website as the caller of the day.

But yet again he does not follow though and it is nowhere to be found. I wonder if Brian Wilson told him not to post it.

It was great to hear a caller stymie the self proclaimed right winger of Toledo.

Fred LeFebvre: The Disappearing Act

Roland Hansen's Blog Entry:

"On August 8, 2007, I made a blog entry here on Roland Hansen Commentary that I had entitled Change Lucas County, Ohio Government!
The following week, on August 14, that entry was featured in the weekly edition of Carnival of Ohio Politics: Carnival Number 78, and was mentioned on August 15 over on Thurber’s Thoughts.

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