society needs to leave some school kids behind

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I recently attended a seminar that included a significant number of retired public school teachers. They shared some stories about their teaching experiences that made you realize that there is a certain percentage of the U.S. population who are, frankly, beyond help and hope. Here are a couple of stories:

One retired female teacher who had taught for 30 years in Detroit Public Schools (God bless her!) talked about the time she had chastised a male high school student for continually not paying attention in class. The student walked up and urinated on her desk. He was suspended, but back in class after a week.

A retired TPS junior high school teacher said that she was responsible for coordinating the substitute teachers assigned to her building. She would meet with the subs in the morning; and if they were females (especially young), she would give them the following advice: "In the course of a day, it's very likely that a male student will ask you to be in his sex video. The best thing to do is not to react to that statement." Also, she would warn all of the substitutes that students using the f-word is not considered an issue because--as she had been told by many parents over the years--"That's acceptable in our community."

Website estimates education's effect on health, crime, income --- USA Today

Interesting article with a "tool" on studying societal impacts of education. Read it with a grain of salt, but interesting spur for thoughts...

Researchers have known for decades that rising education levels positively influence a host of social factors: income, health, voting rates and even the likelihood that a person will stay out of prison.

ON THE WEB: tool puts a number on your state, county

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