2016 was a bad year for US growth.

2016 proved to be a really bad year for the US economy.

In the 4th Qtr the economy grew at an anemic 1.9% but that was trying to lift the year which was even worse totally at 1.6%. The economy slowed from 2015 which already was not a great year for the economy.

The economy was the worse since 2011.

Those Who Believe In Trickle Down Need To See This


The past few years have been very good for United Technologies. The contractor does billions of dollars a year in business with the federal government. CEO Gregory Hayes pulled down nearly $10 million in 2014, and over $20 million the year before. On Thursday, the company reported $7.6 billion in profits, up from $6.2 billion the year before, and $5.7 billion the year before that. In October, United Technologies even expanded its stock buyback program to $12 billion. Spending the company's money to purchase its own stock elevates the value of its share prices.

President to make speech on economy.

Obama says he gives good speeches, and he is about to make another good one according to him. How IRONIC is that, talking about improving the economy but you punish businesses with Obama Care. Obama Care says if you keep your employment below 50 and 30 hours I will reward you, if not I will punish you. What a GENIUS...

A stimultating conversation about stimuli of the stimulus package

If we were all sitting down to coffee together, I might ask you how YOU each personally believe that Congress could better allocate $790 billion dollars to rev up the economy.

Some at the table would counter that they shouldn't spend $790 billion....maybe they should do less; maybe more. I am just curious as to what choices you would make with that sort of money in an effort to truly revive/kickstart commerce and economy,

I have some ideas and I'll share, but I would like to hear yours...

Fast Food Wars:Remember-Wednesday, Dec. 17th last day for 3 free b-b-q wings at Rally's with any purchase

went there last night-read the fine print on the sign. I knew this couldn't last long, as it was a MAJOR giveaway, and I was right. "every Wednesday" really meant two in a row. Sooooo.....get to Rally's Wednesday, December 17th!! Remember also-Wednesdays at Rally's are ALSO '69 cent' days-cheeseburgers or hot dogs are 69 cents. I paid 69 cents last Wed. for a cheeseburger & the three free wings, which are delicious.

NBER: US recession started in December 2007

I strikes me a bit, because all I hear the national radio wing nuts talking about is the "Obama Recession"...

I'm not sure how that was ever suppose to work, but maybe this will shut them up for a about 10 seconds...who I'm I kidding, fact never mattered before, why should they now.

States in recession

In March, five states were in recession, but now there are 30 with 19 more at risk. Ohio is one of those 30 with the Toledo Metro area among 276 metro areas considered to be in recession. Only Alaska and Washinton, DC have expanding economies.

What now?

Here's a great metaphor for the current financial mess: "let's say that we are witnessing the two stages of a tsunami. The current disappearance of wealth in the form of debts repudiated, bets welshed on, contracts canceled, and Lehman Brothers-style sob stories played out is like the withdrawal of the sea.

Bailout won't unfreeze the economy

Adjusted for inflation, the incomes of non-government workers are lower today than in 2000. They're barely higher than they were in the mid-1970s. The income of a man in his 30s is now 12 percent below that of a man his age three decades ago. The top 1 percent of American earners now take home about 20 percent of total national income. In 1980, the top 1 percent took home just 8 percent.

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