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EconCat88 (the real hero): Trashing Toledo one negative video at a time

In this Sundays Daily Local they published a story about a local who is filming images of decay in our once proud town.

Funny thing is they are vilifying him for his body of work. Meanwhile, for the past several decades the ownership of the daily local has passed generation to generation. They have served as witness and in fact participated in it through feeding editorial as news to the masses in order to get candidates palatable to them elected.

Glass City reflections: Ben Konop shares his experiences in Toledo politics

Read our personal interest story on former Lucas County Commissioner Ben Konop. Follow the link below.

Pizza Papalis / downtown toledo!

have you checked out Pizza Papalis yet?
We swung by this weekend, and had a great time.
The new building is amazing, and the food is top-notch.
Even the service was great!

It's really nice to see some new life in downtown toledo...

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