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State auditor's probe to end soon on Sylvania Schools levy campaign

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The Ohio Auditor’s office is wrapping up its investigation into how Sylvania Schools staff and resources were used last year to campaign for a school levy, which was rejected by voters.

A spokesman for the state office, Carrie Bartunek, confirmed for the first time that the office was investigating, but declined to provide details of findings or say when the work may be completed.


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Sylvania Schools public information request Our Town Sylvania/Blade story

Our Town Sylvania/Toledo Blade has a story of the levy campaign activity as well as next steps.
Sylvania Schools may have acted improperly in the way it used staff and resources in its recent unsuccessful tax levy campaign.

A Sylvania resident has questioned whether the district violated the law in its bid to get voters in May to approve a 3.8-mill levy. The measure was rejected by voters.



Sylvania School employees won’t be disciplined for violating OH law

Here is a follow-up to the original story about Sylvania School employees working to pass the school levy on school time and using school resources.


The Sylvania School Board will not take disciplinary action against their superintendent and other staff who violated Ohio law during a recent property tax levy campaign.

The board placed a 3.8 mill continuous levy on the May 6 primary ballot, but it failed. During the campaign, employees of the district used school resources to promote the levy, illegal in Ohio.

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Sylvania School levy story featured on site

The story of the Sylvania School employees inappropriately using school resources to support Issue 3 is the feature of the this morning.

Chris Myers started getting emails about the upcoming Sylvania City Schools levy campaign, but he didn’t think much about it.

Myers signed up for school updates because he has stepchildren in the system. A couple of months ago, those updates began to include solicitations for parents to help with the additional $3.8 million continuous levy, which would appear on the May 6 primary ballot.

Full story:

Is Sylvania schools using district resources to promote the levy? The answer is yes. The question should be to what extent?

Update 5/9: These activities also violate school policies

Staff members shall not campaign on school property during school time in behalf of any political issue or candidate for local, State, or National office.


Update 5/2: Sylvania Schools Superintendent Dr. Brad Reiger sent the following: No, we do not encourage district email accts be used for levy recruitment. We clarified with our Admin Team & staff members that personal email accts are to used. Also, you are correct that the levy website shouldn't be linked to the district website. Thank you for pointing this out. We have removed the levy website link. We'll do better with this moving forward.

The Sylvania Schools district would like the residents of Sylvania to pass the 3.8 mil operating levy on May 6. So much so that employees of the district are using district resources to promote their new levy. This can be proven by a set of emails from one school and resources from another, but one has to wonder how much more effort they are doing throughout the district on district time.

First a primer:
ORC 3315.07 dictates that “no board of education shall use public funds to support or oppose the passage of a school levy or bond issue or to compensate any school district employee for time spent on any activity intended to influence the outcome of a school levy or bond.”

Chris the Absentee Moderator needs to step up.

Well, now that SwampBubbles has become a hostile den where people can front page attack other posters, will Chris step up and do something, or will we have to go to the lawyers?

Social Media Breakfast Toledo #5 How to Avoid a Lawsuit from Blogging

September's SMB Toledo will feature Chris Myers, owner and editor of the SwampBubbles blog, a user-centered site dedicated to breaking news and political discussion in Toledo and Northwest Ohio.

Chris, and his attorneys Fan Zhang and C. William Bair, have an interesting story to share. Chris will talk about his experiences on the receiving side of multiple legal demands his online activities and site has attracted as well as his experiences being caught up in a libel suit.

I applied for the open TPS board seat

Here is my letter and resume is attached. I will not accept any money for the appointment to the position and will use it to demonstrate openness with technology, streaming any pubic meeting I attend live, posting any public document within 24 hrs of receiving it, and holding virtual office hours.

July 14, 2009

Toledo Board of Education
Thurgood Marshall Building
420 East Manhattan Boulevard
Toledo OH 43608

Dear Toledo School Board Members,

Troy Neff Video Blog With Chris Myers on

Troy Neff Video Blog With Chris Myers about

My hosting on Eye on Toledo

I just wanted to give you all a heads up, that you won't hear me on Eye on Toledo as much as before. I may still host every once and a while, but due to employment changes I could not commit to being as regular as I should have been. I may still host every once and a while but I won't be very regular any more.

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