Carty Vs Marines

What a sad story

Failure of the Toledo area Media

I was born and raised in Toledo. I decided to do something worth while once I graduated College. I thought it would be important to save our veterans history in the area. Now 50 interviews later I feel we are beginning to turn out a good product of education for future generations.

We interviewed 18 veterans at West Park Place senior living center in Toledo, and had a large presentation with a video to show the veterans and their families. We figured Memorial Day weekend would be a wonderful time to honor our veterans, and all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Carty Finkbeiner vs the Marines Videos

Yes, old news, but I wanted to add these to what is in the Carty vs Marines thread.
Fox News:

Did I ever tell you I like Star Wars?

When I was watching the MTV movie awards in 2006, I loved this song by Gnarls Barkley.

Marines issue might affect Toledo levy

"City services such as police and fire protection
would suffer significantly if voters defeat the 0.75 percent income tax
on the March 4 ballot, Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and other city
leaders said during a rally yesterday for the levy."


Carty and the Marines a summary of the last 48 hrs

Carty vs Marines and 7 days later, a rundown of the latest events

The Carty Apology Scorecard

In case you have lost count, here is the latest Carty apology score card on the Carty vs Marines incident.

1. For kicking the Marines out after they arrived - Said he signed the council apology even though continues to maintain he did the right thing.

Troy Neff Show Exclusive: Former Police Chief Jack Smith Upset with Mayor Blaming Ron Spann for Marine Corps Being Denied

Jack Smith wants Chief Navarre to demand an apology from the Mayor for implying Ron Spann is to blame.

Former Police Chief Jack Smith:
Message to Chief Navarre

Listen to full interview:
Jack Smith Interview

Is the current administration in Toledo, too damaged to continue?

With the most recent uproar about the Marines and the passion of the Mayor and the suspension of a staff member, administration members not sure of this or that and communication errors facing us, the question, I pose,

Is the administration able to restore confidence and guide us through the difficult times we face.

Semper Fi Act of 2008

Here's an email I recieved today concerning new legislation for 2008. It's quite interesting to see that Toledo has been named and this pettition is going to the 3 elected to national office.
The Email:
Dear Chad,

Actions have consequences.

This is the strong message we must send liberal politicians in Berkeley, California, and Toledo, Ohio.

30 days (errr...15) in the hole

Brian Schwartz, spokesman for Mayor Carty Finkbeiner, has been suspended for 15 workdays for vulgar and negative comments

Read full story... Hey Brian, look on the bright side. Now you can BLOG for 15 days straight off the clock!


Troy Neff Show – Troy interviews Mayor Finkbeiner about Marines

Troy Neff asks the Mayor why the Marines prefer Toledo for training.

Troy interviews Mayor Carty Finkbeiner

Troy Neff Show:


WSPD Interviews today about Carty and the Marines

If you did not already listen to it today, WSPD had some interesting interviews today.

Jack Smith responds to Carty trashing him on WJR

Please listen:

The first two minutes are especially interesting. If this doesn't confirm that the man has a mental problem, I don't know what does:

Toledo council resolution apologizes to Marines

"Toledo City Council Tuesday afternoon adopted by
a 12-0 vote a resolution apologizing to the 200 members of Company A,
1st Battalion, 24 Marines for their treatment last week in the city and
thanking them for their service to the nation."

The Marine Miscommunication

I live downtown. Friday afternoon an elderly woman who lives in my building was extremely scared because she believed a "terrorist incident" occurred a few blocks away. As the panic quickly spread through the building, I investigated and found out that it was simply a military exercise being set-up but I hadn’t heard anything about it either. Not one thing.

To Frank and all you Baboons

Carty vs Marines – Troy Neff Show

Carty vs Marines – Troy Neff Show

On the Troy Neff Show Troy talks to Michael Collins and Frank Szollsi about Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's decision to keep the marines from training in downtown Toledo.

Michael Collins Audio:

Frank Szollsi Audio

Mayor Finkbeiner tells the Marines to leave Toledo - Does not want them to learn the skills to save their lives - updated

Finkbeiner, apparently only speaking for himself, said that Marines are not welcome in Toledo. Well I welcome Marines in Toledo to train and learn skills that will save their lives. Apparently Carty does not think they should practice the skills they need to save their lives here.

Should the Marines be allowed to conduct battle training exercises in Toledo?

Absolutely yes
76% (139 votes)
Maybe it's o.k.
8% (14 votes)
2% (3 votes)
I don't like it
9% (17 votes)
Absolutely not
6% (11 votes)
Total votes: 184

Contact your City Council rep

And ask that something be done about Carty's lastest stunt of kicking the Marines out of downtown. They've gotta be able to do something. I also suggest flooding Carty's inbox with e-mails. Starting Monday morning, call his office too. This is a shameful thing that happened!

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