Anita Lopez

Pro-abortion group endorses Anita Lopez

In via e-mail (press release for those who need everything spelled out wink): Anita Lopez earns the Emily List endorsement for mayor and from experience you don't get an endorsement unless you have the same beliefs as the supporting organization. Normally you have to fill out a long survey that goes on file with the organization talking about the issues the organization hold dear. If beliefs line up, they give you an endorsement.

Lopez Doesn't Know What To Say Without A Script

WNWO had a great piece last night on the Mayor's race in Toledo. Lopez stumbled through and the Youtube video of it is being watched all over the state.

Corruption in Toledo? Nah.

I don't normally go to lib blogs like this, but they're attacking one of their own. Get the popcorn!

"The latest scandal to break involve 7 of her top political advisers (who also happen to work in her Auditor’s Office). They were all given huge raises totaling $131,147.73 out of the county budget. And most of these were right after these advisers worked on her 2010 election. Coincidence... I don’t think so. That’s an average raise of over $18,000! A politician who is using her elected office as a way to dole out cushy jobs to her political staff is not someone we can afford to promote to the Mayor’s office.

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