Right-wing media's JANUARY petition to Free Bergdahl "by any means necessary"!_1-2014-_PJ_Media_Encourages_Readers_to_Sign_Petition_to_Free_Bergdahl_By_Any_Means_Necessary/comments/

PJ Media being one of the big right-wing Teabagging outlets, lest we all forget.

Whoopsie! Guess all our Swamp Bubbles Tea-Tards were for it before they were against it, eh?

The good and the bad

As some may tell I have not been posting as regular as normal. That will change within the coming weeks.

Another Dem set for embarassment

According to Rep. Woolsey (D, CA) the "Good War" has been a "national embarassment" and a "epic failure" and a "moral blight".

Regardless of the President's decision

Regardless of whatever the President decides I did get some good news this week. I am going to Afghanistan. I begin predeployment training in about a month.

For those of you not familiar with my situation I have been in the military for almost 8 years now. I have been trying to deploy for almost all of that time but have been in several "non-deployable" statuses.

"More babies are not produced by many men sleeping with one woman"

A hair-raising peek into the Taliban and tribal influence in Afghanistan in the latest Rolling Stone Magazine does not give one optimism that either McCain or Obama really understands what we are up against in that country. More troops will not produce the desired result.

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