White house director of African-American media--really?

I guess it's not just the private sector that--according to Obama--"is doing just fine." As is the custom with the Obama Administration, they released some potentially damaging information over a weekend.

While the Country languishes in a recession that has taken longer to recover from than any in history, the average wage increase was 8 percent for White House staff members.

It will warm your heart to know that your tax dollars are paying for 3 calligraphers making $85,000, $94,000 and $96,000 (I knew I should have listened to Sister Virginia about the importance of good handwriting)!

The Director of African-American Media (yes, you read that correctly) got an 86 percent pay increase and now makes $78,000 (obviously, he's worth every dime)! And not to slight another important voting minority group--the Director of Hispanic Media makes the same amount. I looked for the Director of European-American Media, but no luck. I guess if I were African-American or Hispanic I might be insulted that I needed a specially trained communicator.

Obama Answers Tea Party Critics with Most Pertinent Question of our Time

President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner

White House Correspondents Dinner: Obama Takes On Trump, Birthers, The Media, And More

The Wolfman Institute of Rational Thinking Presents: "Justice for Sale"

~An investigation into how campaign cash is corrupting America's courts~
February 19, 2010

Obama wants banks to pay for auto bailout losses

January 14. 2010
Obama wants banks to pay for auto bailout losses
David Shepardson / Detroit News Washington Bureau
The White House wants the nation's largest financial institutions to repay taxpayers for the costs of bailing out banks and automakers.

Under the proposal, the largest 50 banks -- including GMAC Inc. -- would pay $90 billion over 10 years to cover taxpayer losses under the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program.

Stunning Comments from the White House on the Burgeoning Geithner/AIG Scandal

As a follow up to yesterday's explosive news, check out today's an amazing - and hideous - interchange between CNN reporter Ed Henry and White House press secretary Robert Gibbs about new evidence that Tim Geithner's New York Fed instructed AIG to hide information from SEC regulators. (more)

Democrats Commit Political Suicide – In Three Steps

This was the latest email from Human Events, Newt is right. Dems don't care about the country, they just care about their far left base. Many people are seeing this, which is why 2010 will be a bad year for them. The Dems know this and it is completely mind blowing they don't care about it.


Over at Pollster.Com, President Obama’s "streams crossed" this week. That’s part-"Ghostbusters," part-pollster speak for saying the President’s approval rating dipped below his disapproval rating, causing the lines of the graph charting his standing with the American people to cross.

Media Matters takes issue with Dobbs' stance on North American Union

From Media Matters
"North American Union"

Is it Morning in America, or has hope given way to malaise? (CNN story)

By Kristi Keck, CNN
Presidents Obama, Carter both elected at a time when voters wanted change
Analyst: Carter comparison shows how expectations have changed since Obama's win
Obama, Reagan faced similar problems but approached them differently, Reagan aide says
Obama should worry about who he is, not who he might be, analyst David Gergen says
(CNN) -- Nearly a year after the presidential election, the excitement of Barack Obama's campaign has faded into the reality of an Obama White House.

Barack Obama adviser says Sharia Law is misunderstood

Barack Obama adviser says Sharia Law is misunderstood

President Barack Obama's adviser on Muslim affairs, Dalia Mogahed, has provoked controversy by appearing on a British television show hosted by a member of an extremist group to talk about Sharia Law.

By Andrew Gilligan and Alex Spillius in Washington
Published: 8:00PM BST 08 Oct 2009


AP source: Obama focusing on al-Qaida, not Taliban


AP source: Obama focusing on al-Qaida, not Taliban
By JENNIFER LOVEN, AP White House Correspondent Jennifer Loven, Ap White House Correspondent 35 mins ago
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is prepared to accept some Taliban involvement in Afghanistan's political future and appears inclined to send only as many more U.S. troops to Afghanistan as are needed to keep al-Qaida at bay, a senior administration official said Thursday.

Obama admin directs agencies to prep for amnesty:

October 2, 2009
Agency Plans for Visa Push by Residents Made Legal

Although President Obama has put off an immigration overhaul until next year, the federal agency in charge of approving visas is planning ahead for the possibility of giving legal status to millions of illegal immigrants, the agency’s director said Thursday.

Racist extremist Jones is history!


'Green Jobs Czar' Van Jones resigns

WND's 5-month series of exposés
 lead to White House's first casualty

GOP Senator: White House Encroaching on First Amendment

Dems In Congress Liken Obama to GW Bush

WASHINGTON — Congressional Democrats warned President Barack Obama on Tuesday that he sounded too much like George W. Bush when he declared this summer that the White House can ignore legislation he thinks oversteps the Constitution.

Is White House Press Secretary Gibbs a smart man?

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs failed to confirm that a letter posted by the Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu – allegedly from president usurper Obama claiming the facility as his birthplace – is, in fact, real.

The Perfect Time to Apologize for Slavery

The Senate, and soon the House, will have apologized for the scourge of slavery. I haven't heard anything yet about the position of the White House on this issue. Well, since anyone who has really studied the issue knows, slavery couldn't have occured without the active participation of African traders and the Europeans. Now would be the time for the President to log in, and issue an apology that would be compelling in this regard.

Air Force One Photo-Op

NEW YORK (CNN) -- A White House official apologized Monday after a low-flying Boeing 747 spotted above the Manhattan skyline frightened workers and residents into evacuating buildings. Witnesses reported seeing the plane circle over the Upper New York Bay near the Statue of Liberty. The huge aircraft, which functions as Air Force One when the president is aboard, was taking part in a classified, government-sanctioned photo shoot, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

King's children prostitute themselves

$800,000 payments to King children? No comment
Funds going for 'use' of image, words for National Mall memorial


Rahm Emmanuel,Obama Crony--> Fills His Pockets

Not exactly a performance of "Swan Lake", but a nice dance anyway. Is there ANYONE in the White House who isn't a profiteer? http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/politics/obama/chi-rahm-emanuel-profi...

White House Sends Another Secret Message To Putin!

This just in: "2009-03-05) — President Barack Obama has reportedly written another private note to his Russian counterpart offering to halt deployment of a defensive nuclear missile shield in Europe, this time in exchange for Russia’s help in dealing with U.S. talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh.

The White House immediately denied the existence of the letter to President Dmitry Medvedev, but acknowledged “ongoing internal deliberations over a measured response using all the tools of U.S. power, including diplomacy.”

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