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Quid pro quo--the blade to control the university of toledo and the UT Medical center

On Monday, Toledo Blade president and general manager, Joe Zerby, will become the chairman of the University of Toledo's Board of Trustees. As with any organization that has a Board, this is the highest level position at UT. What the chairman says is what goes.

If the UT administration needed any other reason to ask "how high" when Zerby says "jump," I've discovered that Block Communications, Inc., Paul and Mary G. Block, AND Buckeye CableSystem are members of the UT Foundation's 2012 "Tower Society"--meaning that EACH DONATED BETWEEN $500,000 and $999,999, IN ONE YEAR.

So the Block family's span of control in the City widens and strengthens. How unethical is it for the president of a newspaper that uses its medium to advance a political agenda to also oversee the local public university? Very. Do you suppose we'll see any honest reporting about UT in the coming year? Nope.

The UT Controversy You Haven't Heard About

At this time of year, most of us dread having to gather the materials together to prepare and submit our tax returns. Key to this process is receiving a W-2 from your employer—typically a simple step. Unfortunately, this has not been the case at The University of Toledo.

UT employees received their W-2s at the end of January; but in February, employees began receiving emails informing them that they had been given inaccurate W-2s and that corrected forms would soon be distributed. UT’s administration said that the issue was related to the imputed income from the employee group life insurance and initial reports said that it only affected faculty. It seemed like David Dabney, UT’s vice president of finance, had a handle on the situation; but then things took a turn for the worse that leaves one wondering how Toledo’s second largest employer could be filled with such ineptitude.

Live Stream: UT The Next Five Years: 5th Annual Address to the Community

On Thursday, April 14, at 11 a.m. in Henry J. Doermann Theater, President Lloyd Jacobs will deliver his fifth annual address to the community, a tradition that started the April following the 2006 merger of The University of Toledo and the Medical University of Ohio.

University of Toledo Downtown Law School

Read the Independent Collegian's staff editorial on the idea of a downtown University of Toledo law school. The IC also wrote an article in its special Downtown Toledo supplemental issue that came out today. Pick it up when you grab our paper from UT and local newsstands.

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UT Big Event - Get involved

The University of Toledo Student Government has set out to change their community with the BIG EVENT project. The Big Event is a one day, student-run community service project involving all students, faculty and administrators at the University of Toledo on March 20th, 2010. Students from UT will spend one Saturday performing various service projects in the communities of Secor Gardens and Bancroft Hills, as well as other local charities in need. These ‘jobs’ last approximately four hours and could include window washing, yard work, interior/exterior painting, and much more.

750 Square Feet of Solar Power per Hour

After three years of researching, developing, fund-raising, and expanding, Toledo solar tech start-up Xunlight Corp. grew up yesterday by delivering its first shipment of commercially manufactured solar modules. It went to the University of Toledo, the institution that played a significant role in the company's birth.

The modules will be installed on a 10-kilowatt thin-film solar array on the grounds and the roof of the university's Scott Park campus, which is being renamed the Campus of Energy and Innovation.

Bell's leadership announcements

Bell Announces Executive Staff For New Administration
Following through on an early campaign promise, Mike Bell today announced his appointment for the Deputy Mayor for External Affairs – a position throughout the campaign referred to as the “Business Advocate.”

Bell Names Transition Team

Mike Bell today announced the members of his full transition team who will be charged with offering suggestions and strategies for implementing the Mayor-Elect’s platform.
The Team is made up of representative from all parts of the community including business, labor, neighborhood organizations, education, clergy, social services and our regional neighbors. Members include:

Jesus Angel
El Camino

Louis Escobar
Former Pres. Toledo City Council

Marianne Ballas
Ballas Buick/GMC

Hugh Grefe
Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Aaron Baker
University of Toledo

Another bad decision by former UT dean Yueh-Ting Lee

As you can see with the previous post Yueh-Ting Lee has threatened to sue Lisa Renee at Glass City Jungle for linking to stories about his resignation at the University of Toledo as his role as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. As we also read, he moved to the HR department but it makes one wonder if he should be in an admin position at all.

Origins of the UT "Rockets"

This is from a recent University of Toledo e-mail.
When the University of Toledo played then-powerful Carnegie Tech in football in 1923, Pittsburgh sports writers were surprised to learn that UT did not have a nickname.

Though an underdog, Toledo fought formidably, recovering a series of embarrassing fumbles by favored Tech. Pittsburgh writers pressed James Neal, a UT student working in the press box, to come up with a nickname.

University of Toledo College Democrats Denounce Unethical Political Practices

The University of Toledo - Toledo, Ohio – November 10, 2009. UT College democrats speak out against unethical political practices on campus.

In response to the Freedom Week celebration aimed at honoring our veterans, The University of Toledo College Democrats our speaking out against The College Republicans attempt at pushing a political agenda

The celebration, entitled Freedom Week was passed by the UT Student Government and was sponsored by the College Republicans and Army ROTC among others to honor our troops on Veterans Day this Wednesday.

Toledo College Republicans to host “Support the Troops Rally”

Toledo College Republicans to host “Support the Troops Rally” Tuesday November 10th at 12:00pm in the University of Toledo Centennial Mall. Community Welcome.

Scion College Ride and Drive Tour at UT

TOLEDO, Ohio, November 6, 2009 – Scion, the youth brand of Toyota, is bringing its 2009 College Ride & Drive Tour to the University of Toledo on Tuesday, November 10.

City Councilman Tom Waniewski's Newsletter

Automated Trash Ready to Roll

Automated refuse pick up remains a sore subject for many of you, I know. But the city is moving ahead after a very successful pilot program. I commend Bill Franklin and Julian Highsmith for their work in the city to roll this out. I have put some very pertinent information, along with the time schedule, and important, "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)" at a temporary web site that I've set up just for this purpose. I think it will ease your fears about the program. You can access that website here. For those reading on the blogs, go to

UT College Republicans to host National Rifle Association University Program

Tuesday October 20th at 6:45pm in the University of Toledo Student Union Room 2591- The College Republicans will be hosting National Rifle Association University Program (NRA U). NRA U is a FREE two-hour training seminar for those interested in learning more about NRA, the Second Amendment, and the gun control debate. NRA-ILA staff will provide you with the tools you’ll need to become a more effective activist in the fight to protect our freedom, both on- and off-campus.

Perch Fishing Trip with Tom Amstutz

The University of Toledo Alumni Association is sponsoring a perch fishing trip with Tom on Saturday, October 17. The trip is coordinated by Sassy Sal Charters and departs from the Jefferson Street Pier, 40 Jefferson Street, in downtown Port Clinton at 7:30 a.m. sharp.

We will fish and socialize until 2:30 p.m., leaving in plenty of time to catch the 7 p.m. kick-off in the Glass Bowl against Northern Illinois.

Black Swamp Conservancy Joins EarthShare Ohio

Perrysburg, Ohio (September 22, 2009) – Black Swamp Conservancy, a northwest Ohio land trust, has become a member of EarthShare Ohio.

The conservancy is a non-profit land conservation organization, whose mission is to protect and preserve natural and agricultural lands in northwest Ohio for the benefit of future generations. It has permanently protected nearly 8,100 acres of family farms, wetlands, meadows, shoreline lands and woods since its founding in 1993.

Veteran's Memorial Plaza at the UT Memorial Field House

I'm Gordon Haggett, project manager for the Veteran's Memorial of the most prestigious and inspiring projects the university has undertaken in recent years.

I am delighted to inform you that planning for the Veterans Memorial Plaza is complete and a groundbreaking ceremony was held on September 9, 2009. Formal dedication of the plaza will take place on Veterans Day, November 11, 2009 at 11:00 am. All donors will be invited.

For plaza details, a video message from President Lloyd Jacobs, and artist's rendering, go to ttp:// .

My wife, a life-long Toledo resident, has decided it is time to go...

My wife was born and raised in Toledo. I was not born in Toledo, however, I attended the University of Toledo. After we were married, I tried to convince my wife we needed to move. However, like most life-long residents of Toledo, she was not willing to go. We purchased a house in a nice neighborhood, however, after a few years the neighborhood began to go downhill. When the voters of Toledo voted to put Carty back into office, we decided to move to Sylvania Township. Not ideal for me as I still wanted to leave the Toledo area completely, however, a huge step for my wife.

Tom Waniewski's September '09 Newsletter

Automated Refuse Schedule to be Released
The city is on schedule to migrate to automated trash pick up by the end of 2009/beginning of 2010. However, I should know more about what areas of town will be implemented first. The schedule is being worked on and reviewed by the administration. Look for news to come out quite possibly in this month, I'm told.

DeVeaux Village Update

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