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"The Other IRS Scandal": David Cay Johnston on Dark Money Political Groups Seeking Tax Exemption

"The Other IRS Scandal": David Cay Johnston on Dark Money Political Groups Seeking Tax Exemption
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If we had members of Congress who had some backbone, they would take a vote tomorrow to abolish the IRS. With the recent revelations indicating that the IRS singled out organizations for harsh treatment based upon their beliefs, it should be the final straw for this inept organization.

Along with the demise of the IRS should come the end of the federal income tax. It should be replaced with a sales tax that can be collected by the States and forwarded to the federal government. Although many would lobby for a "fair" or "flat" tax, those would still require a federal entity to oversee the collection of those taxes.

Doing away with the IRS and the federal income tax would result in:

1. No more political shenanigans about what percentage a candidate paid in income tax. Spin doctors use this number to appeal for votes from the intellectually challenged who are suckered into believing that how much a rich person pays in income tax actually affects them personally.

2. Americans not having to pay someone to complete their tax forms in order to determine how much they owe to the government. Also, we wouldn't have to waste our time keeping pieces of paper in anticipation of the dreaded IRS audit.

3. The elimination of the ability of unscrupulous politicians (redundancy noted) to hold the "We're going to need to raise the income tax rate" card over our heads. Taking power away from politicians is always a good thing.

IRS Takes a Closer Look at Rove's Dark-Money Group

IRS Takes a Closer Look at Rove's Dark-Money Group
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"As they dominate the airwaves with political ads, dark-money nonprofits are coming under increased scrutiny. At issue is the charge that they're running afoul of their tax-exempt status by focusing on partisan political activity. Earlier this week, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sent subpoenas to a nonprofit affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce to see if millions of dollars had been improperly funneled to the Chamber (a 501(c)(6) nonprofit) for political purposes.

IRS Targets Tea Party Groups With Unprecedented Scrutiny

It seems that speech in the U.S. is only free when you are speaking in favor of the Obama administration. Liberal non-profit organizations such as Media Matters are insulated against the wrath of the power Obama has at his disposal. But such is not the case for conservative groups like the Tea Party.

Tea Party groups throughout the country applied for non-profit status under the IRS Code 501(c)(4). At least 80 of these groups have been sent what a former IRS agent describes as "unusually intrusive" questionnaires asking for unprecedented information such as volunteers' resumes and information about subscribers to Tea Party publications. The IRS is not just targeting the groups--Tea Party leaders are also being personally audited. One leader who works from home for a Southern California group has been notified that a team of IRS investigators will be sent to "inspect" his house.

Coincidence? Nope. It seems that seven Democrat senators (including Schumer and Franken) sent a letter to the IRS commissioner specifically asking for investigations into conservative groups.

IRS Plane Attacker Part of ‘Right Wing,’ Christmas Bomber Just a ‘Lone Wolf’

Todd Warner Houston on is taking on those in the journalistic community who are happy to label the nut who flew the plane into the Tex IRS building an extreme right winger while the underwear bomber is just a lone wolf, same with the base shooter; either the media should call them all lone wolf nut jobs or part of a bigger plan.


ADF Pushes Church-election Scheme

(Political Animal) ADF PUSHES CHURCH-ELECTION SCHEME.... Federal tax law, as it relates to tax-exempt religious ministries, is pretty clear -- houses of worship may not legally intervene in political campaigns, either in support of or opposition to a candidate or a party. Those who violate the law run the risk of losing their tax-exempt status.

What to do when you owe the IRS a lot?

My son is self employed, and confided he's stressed about being behind in paying income tax.  I think he had an extention already,and he hasn't told me how much he owes to the IRS.  This news surprised me because it's not like him at all (to owe).  Does anybody here know anything about whether the IRS lets you make payments or works with you on this?  Or have suggestions? 

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