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Lucas County Republican Party Missing Receipts - The documentation

Lucas County Board of Elections letter to Lucas County Republican Party about missing receipts -

Bates asks Ohio Secretary of State to step in into the Republican party leadership question Toledo

In the Blade:
After weeks of confusion in the Lucas County Republican Party over who’s in charge, Lucas County Prosecutor Julia Bates Thursday said the dispute is tying the Lucas County Board of Election in knots and asked Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to step in.

In a two-page letter to Ms. Brunner, Mrs. Bates said she’s aware of "significant irregularities in this intra-party dispute which I believe warrant your intervention." Both elected officials are Democrats.

Fallen Timbers Republican Club back Simpson

The Fallen Timbers Republican Club members at their regularly scheduled meeting, January 13th, 2010 voted unanimously to recognize Chairman Jeff Simpson as the newly elected Lucas County Republican Chairman.

Lucas County GOP failed to report 2008 in-kind donation

Jon Stainbrook and the party Treasurer James Damas failed to report a donation-in-kind in 08. Read more at the Toledo Free Press.

Prosecutors have been informed that an in-kind donation given to the Lucas County Republican Party was not reported in accordance with state campaign finance laws.


Lucas County Republican Party FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
10 South Superior St. 12/21/2009
Toledo, Oh 43604


By a majority vote of the duly elected / appointed member of the Lucas County Republican Central Committee have elected Paul Hoag to serve as chairman of the central committee. Immediately there after members elected Jeff Simpson as Chairman of the executive Committee.

Jon Stainbrook 2 months late on submitting an amended report?

What? Jon Stainbrook is over 2 months late on submitting an amended report? Can't be Jon right? Also when I read that the treasurer wrote a letter saying he is working hard on getting a few receipts, did anyone wonder if he actually wrote it? Fox Toledo has the Free Press story, which for some reason I can't find on the Free Press site. If they don't have the receipts, they will be referred to the Ohio Elections Commission.

Did someone supposedly important resign from Lucas GOP?

This was sent by email. I am removing who it is and I have no way to verify if this is true or not, which is why I will chalk it up to maybe true / maybe not. An interesting read and if it is who it purports to be, not a good sign for a Jon. Still, I can't assure this is true or not.
Dear Chairman Stainbrook,

Please let this letter serve as notice of my immediate resignation as Parliamentarian of the Lucas County Republican Party (LCRP), and my withdrawal from your personal staff.

GOP endorses Mayoral and City Council Candidates

The Lucas County Republican Party yesterday announced its slate of endorsed candidates for the six at-large Toledo City Council seats and the mayoral seat.

Jim Moody has been endorsed for the mayoral race.

For the council race:

Mark Clark, Jeff Cromwell, Rob Ludeman, George Sarantou, Hans Schnapp, and Constatine Stamos.

Well, I thank Jon Stainbrook for endorsing these candidates, now I know who I WON'T vote for!

Rob Ludeman? Yea right....Toledo needs a change, and he did nothing when he was on council before. We need to move Toledo forward, not backwards!

Lucas County Republican Party treasurer signature oddities goes to prosecutor

Free Press has the latest:
The Lucas County Prosecutor’s Office criminal division will begin investigating financial election documents that were signed under the Lucas County Republican Party treasurer’s name.

The signatures, signed as James Damas, were found inconsistent by multiple handwriting experts contacted by Toledo Free Press after the documents were questioned by Glass City Jungle operator and TFP Fact Checker Lisa Renee Ward. TFP requested July 30 that the Board of Elections (BOE) conduct an investigation.

Sec. of State requests investigation into GOP signatures

BOE will officially look into the signatures.
The Lucas County Board of Elections has planned a special meeting at 7 p.m. Aug. 3 after its usual meeting at 5 p.m. to “request” an investigation on potentially inconsistent signatures on multiple Lucas County Republican Party financial documents, according to Lucas County BOE Executive Director Linda Howe.

GOP finance signatures raise questions of authenticity

This is getting interesting:
Toledo Free Press (TFP) sent a letter to the Lucas County Board of Elections and Ohio Secretary of State July 30, alerting them to potential inconsistencies among signatures on Lucas County Republican Party campaign finance reports and other official documents.

Sylvania Substitute Teacher Accused Of Forgery

I guess that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. In addition to Doug and Pam Haynam who spearheaded the attempted land grab by the Sylvania city government last year, we now have Benjamin 'Bugsy' Haynam, who ended college a few credit hours short but didn't see that as a major obstacle to getting a job in Sylvania schools. Of course, Ma Haynam is on the school board – at least for now.

Ok, I am worried for James Damas’ health - Update

Ok, in going over the finance reports, I noticed something strange. The signature for James Damas (Lucas County Republican Party treasurer) has changed 4 times over the past year and *sort of* settling on a soft sharpie signature for Jan 2009.

July 2008

October 2008

December 2008

January 2008 1

Where is the other $20,673 Jon?

In the expose on corruption and vestiges of the Lucas County Republican Party mini-series that ran on Sunday and Monday of this week had a very interesting proclamation by Jon Stainbrook. In the article “Old guard 'left us broke'; Look at books raising more questions” it said:

“Mr. Stainbrook said he has raised nearly $50,000 in cash and in-kind contributions since taking the party reins last year.”

I have to come clean

Today is part 2 of the expose on corruption and vestiges of the Lucas County GOP. What started as a profile on the status on the Lucas County Republican Party one year in, ends up being allegations made at the Board of Elections and at previous volunteers for the party. One particular note came up which I need to come clean on.

Her [Bernadette Noe] personal Facebook account recently listed numerous Ohio "friends" among local and state Republicans, including Mr. Reichert, Wack, and Lynn Olman, a member of the Lucas County elections board.

Stainbrook: The Battle of the Board of Elections

Blade has the first of two parts. The first part deals with the activity on the Board of Elections.
Yet recently, a pack of young Republicans and their lawyer, cameras and video recorder in hand, plunged into these stark quarters in downtown Toledo to search for county Board of Elections records.

Toledo City Council Candidate Challenged

The Lucas County Republican Party is challenging a Toledo City Council candidate. The Board of Elections will look over signatures, and residency information, turned in by Kevin Milliken. Milliken is running as an Independent for an at-large council seat. The Teamwork Toledo member says he turned in more than enough valid signatures and a copy of the lease to his home is with the BOE.

This is being reported online by NBC 24 News. You may view it here:
====Press Release====

Moody endorsed by GOP

Lucas County Republican Party endorses Jim Moody. Time will tell if it was worth it.

Read the rest in the Blade:

Read what Hooda Thunkit has to say:

Biden's visit and Jon Stainbrook on Obama's Birth Certificate

Joe Biden and Obama's Birth Certificate

I drove my car (with my Beyond Babylon signs on it) to the site where Vice President Joe Biden was to speak in Perrysburg, Ohio and found most of the protesters were children, literally, holding signs in the very hot sun (I was reassured they were well hydrated). I'm not sure what their protest was about (if one of their leaders reads this, contact and let me know and I'll update this information).

Grassroots Republican Club Dinner Round up

Toledo, OH – Friday night, seven grassroots Republican clubs of Lucas County hosted the first annual Lucas County Republican Clubs’ Charitable Dinner, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the Toledo Seagate Food Bank.

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