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It's incredibly sad to me that this is out on the worldwide net. I read all 5 pages and the common theme is negitive. Zoo, art museum, cosi..and that's it. Younger people don't even want to visit. If this is the preception that is offered..then it will come back in spades. This is why change is and must continue to happen. The cost of continuing as we are will destroy us.

The reviews are negative; however if you look at the postings and ratings for the other cities on that website, they're all the same. Same ratings, same kind of comments. Nobody's happy in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincy, BG, Findlay (I personally love Findlay).

Reviewer # 1 (male, 26, 43619 [Northwood], reviewed between Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, depressing): seems to be regretting his choice of career. Perhaps he didn

Old South End Broadway

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