Ohio health dept to spend $60,000 to study tobacco habits of gay teens

I have to wonder WHY? I assume they smoke for the same reasons non-gays smoke (only perhaps more so, since they deal with intolerance more than most do) - stress, calming effect, pleasure, etc. To spend a crazy amount of money on something like this for to get obvious results is aburd. One big step would be to be more tolerant & understanding of gays.


Ohio health department to study tobacco habits of gay teens
Associated Press Writer

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio health officials will use a federal grant aimed
at preventing tobacco use among minorities to study why gay and
lesbian teenagers smoke at a higher rate than their straight peers.

Health officials are allocating $60,000 to identify the smoking
habits of those teens and develop a tobacco-prevention campaign for

"The gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community has a smoking
rate at about 40 to 60 percent, which is higher than the national
rate," Ohio Department of Health spokesman Kristopher Weiss said.

While national statistics show smoking rates among gays and lesbians
are nearly double that of the rest of the country, no Ohio-specific
health data exist.

As part of the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender Community Youth
and Young Adults Anti-Tobacco Social Marketing Project, officials
will form focus groups among youths ages 12 through 20 at an LBGT
center in Columbus. Angie Wellman, director of the Kaleidoscope Youth
Center, a drop-in venue for LBGT youths here, estimated that 60 to 70
percent of the center's teen visitors smoke regularly.

"It's definitely something we notice, just in terms of both tobacco
use and other drug and alcohol use," Wellman said. "When we think
about risky behaviors, our kids tend to be at higher risk for all
those things just across the board."

Ohio joins a growing national effort to curb the number of gays and
lesbians who light up. As of August 2006, 20 states said they were
addressing the problem, according to a census conducted by the
National LGBT Tobacco Control Network, a Boston-based nonprofit group.

Gay teens are more susceptible to adopting a nicotine habit as a
coping mechanism when they come out to family and friends, said the
network's director, Scout.

"It's kind of a vicious circle," said Scout, which is her full legal
name. "A lot of people I knew started smoking in LGBT youth groups.
People went outside to smoke together. That's when they picked up

In contrast to the general population, LGBT youth smoking rates
aren't dropping, she said.

"I think it's a huge problem in LGBT communities, on par with the HIV
epidemic," said Dr. Gary Remafedi, professor of pediatrics at the
University of Minnesota.

Part of the problem can be attributed to a lack of medical data
chronicling the gay and lesbian population, said James Beaudreau, an
education and policy associate at the Gay and Lesbian Medical

"Recently there's been much more interest among health departments
targeting that group," he said.

The first known LGBT tobacco intervention program was The Last Drag,
free quit-smoking classes founded in 1991 for LGBT and HIV-positive
smokers, Scout said. Since then, state-funded and grassroots-level
efforts have propelled the cause.

"We go to all the different bars, nightclubs, gay prides, any kind of
festival in Las Vegas and try to promote a nonsmoking lifestyle,"
said Malcolm Ahlo, program director for Crush, an anti-tobacco
nonprofit campaign in Nevada. "We're promoting that it's sexier to be

Crush sends its "street team" of scantily clad models out to spread
the word, wearing underwear and dog tags featuring catch phrases
like "smooth" and "fresh" — a marketing strategy carefully tailored
for gay youths. An online component even teaches gays and lesbians to
quit through a series of text messages on their cell phones.

Ohio's effort is the first step in the right direction, Scout said.
The health department is currently soliciting proposals from vendors
until March 12.

"Part of (why they smoke) is to fit in, a part of it is to deal with
some of the awkward or isolating feelings that they're having," said
Wellman. "But I also don't think they are completely oblivious to all
of the health information that's put out there."

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Perhaps you should submit a study request for $150,000 for your services if Pets are effected by Second Hand Smoke.

Better yet, $500,000 study to see if Gay people live longer or do they put strain on healthcare costs.

Keep in mind, someone is getting $600,000 to study cow farts.

I'm in the wrong business.

Just another reason why the federal gov'mnt is getting too much of our tax dollars that they can spend it on mindless crap like this. Too bad Ron Paul is not being viewed as an alternative candidate by the media.

I don't believe it is the Federal Govt. that is paying for this study. I appears to be paid for by the OHIO DEPT. OF HEALTH. The Ohio Dept, of Health does not have enough funds to allot to all the various cities & towns in Ohio to investigate all the smoking ban violations as it is (which I think is funny as hell, after all their trumpeting how they will be able to in the first place). And yet, they have funds for a silly, pointless, worthless study like this. WHERE is the money coming from? No idea, but it wouldn't surprise me if some if it was coming from your cancer cure donation dollars to the ACS.



"Oh, Bother!" Said Pooh, as he chambered his last round.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

The only people who make being gay an issue are the gays! Every gay person I know seems to base their entire identitity on their homosexuality. They do this because they're gay or that because they're gay. People like them or don't like them because they're gay.

Why should anyone have rights based on their sexuality? Gay or straight?

No...I don't dislike gays because they're gay...I don't like them because that's all they talk about....how annoying!

The only people who make being a fundamentalist Christian an issue are fundamentalist Christians. Every fundamentalist Christian I know seems to base their entire identity on their religion. They do this because they’re Christian or that because they are Christian. People like them or don’t like them because they’re Christian.

Why should anyone have rights based on their religion? Christian or Pagan?

No…I don’t dislike fundamentalist Christians because they are fundamentalist Christians… I don’t like them because that’s all they talk about…how annoying!

Sorry – I couldn’t resist. :)

SenselessG - will you be catching the floor show tonite @ Ceasar's ?

Too funny…
But you’re much more likely to catch me at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas then in downtown Toledo.

Ok maybe not "ever" but it's still perfect don't apologize.

Don't worry Sensor G. One of these days you might be able to think for yourself.

Sensor G. You obviously don't agree with Christians. That must make you intolerant and a bigot.

Wow! That felt good! Not only is it fun to play the liberal game...its easy to!

You summed up your position nicely Kooz. If someone doesn’t agree with you, they are a bigot. Clearly a rational argument with you would be out of the question, as anyone who disagreed with you is an intolerant bigot.

Funny thing is in no way shape or form would I restrict a fundamentalist Christian in any way. I’ll call you out all day long on an ignorant opinion, but most fundamentalist Christians would severely restrict gays in things like marriage and adoption.

Yet I’m the ignorant bigot.

I take it back. The only thing I would restrict a fundamentalist (fill in any religion) to do, would be to restrict their ability to restrict others.

I don't claim to know a huge number of gays - but those I've talked to, have never discussed their 'gayness' - never came up at all. A non-issue. Yes, there are some that flaunt it with great garishness - perhaps they need to prove something to the world. But I have seen the same bad behaviour in heteros as well.

Yep, same here... I think Kooz spent too much time watching Will and Grace.

...You should change your question to "why should people have rights taken away because of their sexuality, straight or gay." Seems like they shouldn't...

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