OH Supreme Court backs red-light, speed enforecement cameras


From the Blade: COLUMBUS — In a much anticipated ruling, the Ohio Supreme Court today unanimously upheld the constitutionality of red light and speeding enforcement cameras like those employed by Toledo. The court found that the cameras are an extension of local police powers and do not overstep local home-rule authority by civilly targeting vehicle owners rather than pursuing drivers criminally as state traffic laws do. The challenge was brought against the city of Akron, whose program is similar to those operated in other Ohio communities, including Toledo, Northwood, Sylvania Township, Columbus, and Cleveland.

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I know, I know it's enforcement. Guess that's what preview button is for. My bad.

Redflex must have some serious pull. I'm sure other Ohio cities are looking for their phone number as we "speak".

We couldn't expect the federal govt to be the only one constantly overstepping their powers.


You can thank Grinning Idiot Bob Tax Taft for this. A REAL conservative in Ohio introduced a bill a few years ago that would have, in effect, wiped out said cameras-and it passed both the OheilO house and senate-but Taft, as one of his last acts as a lame duck, vetoed it, paving the way for this,. DEAR GOD, I HATE that filthy bastard!! He also vetoed the concealed carry amendment that would give the state law precedence over home rule so it was a statewide uniform law, and gun-hating assholes like Carty and Toledo council , and Ford couldn't pass stricter laws than the state. But the republicans finally mustered the balls to override that veto, probably aware that Taft had personally cost them the state and destroyed the GOP in the state for decades. This SOB was the WORST governor the state ever had, and screwed the average person more than any politician in the state's history-regardless of party. He made Strickland look like Rush Limbaugh.


 "They keep talking about drafting a constitution for Iraq.Why don't we give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, and we're not using it any more".


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'


This is an old post on another blog on the subjest, with some insight into how the gestapo in various municipalities make money on this.

An Ohio resident who spends a great deal of time in your state...

Ohio has had red light enforcement for a number of years. There are some intersections on highways where it is red light & speed enforcement. The company that installed the devices came into the counties and found the intersections where the most money could be made. That is where they installed the cameras and speed devices.

The typical charge is $85 per citation with the company that owns and maintains the equipment plus sends out all the citations getting $60 with $20 going to that community and $5 to the courts.

One of the drawbacks of the red light enforcement has been rear end collisions. The area police departments are very reluctant to share this information but on average in the state there has been a 60% increase in accidents with the red light enforcement. Some areas of the state have reported a 400% increase in the amount of collisions at the intersections.

The biggest argument for the red light enforcement was that it would decrease accidents. The reverse has been the case. The one statistic that is important is a decrease in fatalities at these intersections.

Some communities have put up two dozen of the red light enforcement devices because of the wind fall of profits they have received as a result. But the biggest winner by far has been the company in Minneapolis, Minnesota that developed the technology and operates it. It is estimated they are making over $1,000,000.00 a week in the state of Ohio.

The 2006 Ohio House & Senate passed legislation requiring police to be present in intersections for a ticket to be issued. The lame duck Governor Robert Taft (better know as Robert Graft) vetoed the bill. It has not come up for a vote yet with the new legislative body.

One of the drawbacks for the communities in North Eastern Ohio there was a boycott of a village that installed the light and speed enforcement devices on a local limited access highway. The end result is that people would no longer shop in the village. This has resulted in several businesses closing and others have reported their profits are allowing them to just barely get by.


 "They keep talking about drafting a constitution for Iraq.Why don't we give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, and we're not using it any more".


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

I don't run read lights, but I do have a tendency to speed a bit. Do any of those polarizing plate covers really work?

Wow... what a coincidence. Just tonight I watched an episode of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel. They tested four or five different types of plate covers. None of them worked. Not even close.

"Do any of those polarizing plate covers really work?"

You get what you pay for. The cheap ones arent worth the plastic theyre printed on, but go out and find a good one - it'll cost you, but after that you're the invisible man...

This is just another reason to take more police off the streets while simultaneously putting more money in the government's pocket. I have long been a critic of this and that will not change. We need more law enforcement officials not bureaucracy.



And police cars and the personel and the supplies and the over head all cost money.
Where would the cost of the extra police come from?


Where does the money actually go for these "violations'? How many new police cars have been funded by this method? Has crime gone down since the start of our red light program? Are there any new K9 units? I would think we have more cops handling "real" criminal matters now and should have a positive impact in our neighborhoods.

P.S. The first question is actually legit; the other comments are somewhat of a spoof. I'm curious as to where those funds go, though.

but you have to be doing 171 miles an hour to do it.

"Toledo keeps 25 percent of each $95 fine collected. The rest goes to the cameras’ operator, Arizona-based Redflex Traffic Systems, a subsidiary of an Australian company that also runs Northwood’s program."

but was wondering which pot Toledo's share went into? Do the funds go into the general fund or do the funds entirely go to TPD?

Since a company has no right to exert any authority over me can I only pay the government's share of the $95.

That's how the rule should be challenged.



I'm in favor of the red light and speeding cameras. With any luck the city will start issuing tickets for aggressive driving as well, and failure to maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you. Or how about tagging the folks who like to drive without a valid license, such as repeat DUI offenders?

This isn't an excuse to get police off the street. This is about drivers who think they have every right in the world to ignore traffic laws and threaten the safety of others with their pickup trucks and SUVs. Now that these idiots are starting to get a little of what they so richly deserve, they're whining and crying like a bunch of spoiled five year old kids.

Screw 'em.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

...but don't want to pay for it. Perhaps we could hire anyone off the street, and supply them with a gun. If they kill or wound someone they could do it under the "color" of the government. That would be a trip. It would be a rush to have that power.

Of course, if we're paying them only minimum wage it would probably be tempting for them to supplement their income with a little strong-arm stuff, or seizing illegal products and selling it themselves. Yes, sir, we could get all the cops we needed (and at a very low wage) if we would just lower our standards "a little".

Old South End Broadway

I saw the Mythbusters episode where they tested every single plate cover available - under every lighting & weather condition - at extreme rates of speed - and not one of them worked. The red light camera still was able to make out the license plate number. Save your money.

I'm just thinking out loud here - but if a parent chose to use a nanny cam & discovered her child was being abused by the baby sitter on that nanny cam, that parent would have every reason to fire the baby sitter & perhaps sue her ass. So if anybody is "OK" with misbehaviour caught on a nanny cam, then how can they be against misbehaviour caught on red light cameras? Isn't it the law to maintain a safe speed & enough space between cars & to not run red lights? I have only run a red light once,& it was my own damned fault for not paying attention. I have gotten a speeding ticket by the camera on Douglas by University Hills - again, my own damned fault - I knew what the speed limit was & was in a hurry & forgot about the camera.

the camera supporters should never complain about the fed govt wiretapping program or any other excessive govt power (patriot act). If you're not doing anything wrong, it wouldn't be a concern of yours. You shouldn't have any problem with that, right?

You're wrong, Postal. One isn't the other.

Drive an SUV, do you?

Mad Jack
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No, I don't. My wife and i drive small, fuel efficient vehicles and we drive them slowly and cautiously. Additionally, we have never been ticketed by one of these cameras.

Have a clue, do you?

Any additional great points or insight?

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