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Hey Chris...Kaczala replaces Gallagher

What's your thoughts on this? Is Stainbrook's world starting to crumble?


LETS NOT FORGET,Obama Administration Caves to Putin on Missile Shield for Europe ..Why

The U.S. plan had called for interceptors in Poland and Romania, complemented by deployed U.S. naval ships outfitted in the Mediterranean. Hagel said the first three phases would be fully implemented, but the fourth, the deployment of a large interceptor warhead, would not go forward.

At a meeting last March in South Korea, Obama told then-Russia President Dmitri Medvedev in remarks picked up by a live microphone that he would have “more flexibility” on the missile shield issue following an election victory.

Russia warns could 'reduce to zero' economic dependency on US.

Moscow (AFP) - Russia could reduce to zero its economic dependency on the United States if Washington agreed sanctions against Moscow over Ukraine, a Kremlin aide said on Tuesday, warning that the American financial system faced a "crash" if this happened

"We would find a way not just to reduce our dependency on the United States to zero, but to emerge from those sanctions with great benefits for ourselves," said Kremlin economic aide Sergei Glazyev.Russian firms and banks would also not return loans from American financial institutions, he said.

McCain: Obama's "feckless" foreign policy invited Ukraine crisis.

" Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., says Russia intervened militarily in Ukraine in part because "nobody believes in America's strength any more." Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., blamed President Obama's "feckless" foreign policy for inviting the crisis in Ukraine on Monday, telling a pro-Israel group that the president has repeatedly failed to demonstrate American strength in the face of adversaries."
"Mr. Obama "believes that the Cold War is over," McCain said. "That's the problem, but Putin doesn't believe it's over."

Share Phony Obamacare Horror Stories:

Obama bows to Putin again

Obama lost in Egypt, Iran, Syria, and now the Ukraine, Oh and did nothing about Bengazi. Ukraine,Putin laughs at Obama, we will not attend the G8 if you don't stop it Mr Putin. Syria, you better not come across this red line or else... Egypt, no arms for you, Russia will help you. Iran, just lower your enrichment of uranium, that's ok. Eyes need to be wide open, stop dismissing the obvious.

Half of U.S. Farmland Being Eyed by Private Equity

WASHINGTON (IPS) – An estimated 400 million acres of farmland in the United States will likely change hands over the coming two decades as older farmers retire, even as new evidence indicates this land is being strongly pursued by private equity investors.

Honoring a Fallen Hero

This made national news. And the child is from right here in Toledo! Have any local news organizations picked up on this story?


Strangest legal threat yet

Whoever posted this link to violate their copyright should feel ashamed - yawn. You will be tempted to click over but I would not -this is an fyi post only. My bet is Google penalized this site for posting spam so they came up with a scheme that they will threaten sites that they posted spam on to try to get them to remove it. Apparently the site admins consist of high school students who got caught with their pants down because that is would be the only reasoning behind such a twist of a threat. Good luck getting all of these links removed Legal Compliance Department.

Fueling Jobs

Tens of thousands of new jobs, BILLIONS of dollars added to our economy and decreasing our dependence on foreign oil are huge steps in the right direction for America.

But radical “Greens” are waging a last-minute “War on Energy” to KILL the environmentally-friendly Keystone Pipeline Project which would allow America to tap into Northwest American vast oil fields.

Judge: School Can Ban American Flag Shirts.

U. S. District Court Judge James Ware was ruling in a case involving students at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, CA, who were banned from wearing American flag t-shirts on the Mexican holiday, Cinco de Mayo. The judge determined that the Morgan Hill Unified School District did not violate the First Amendment and said that concerns by school officials over possible violence justified censoring the pro-American message.

The Theme On Most Posts Is Basically The Same: The Rich v. The Rest Of Us.

A large number of posts now, seem to be about "The Rich", how terrible they are, and how undeserving they are. Says who? Being bitter about being as poor as most of us doesn't help one bit, and only hurts yourself and your peace of mind. Here's a person who has learned how to deal with being poor, while maintaining his dignity!


Japan's latest American import: Radioactive water, fish, and sailors

Fukushima Radiation Reaches Waters Off the Coast Of Canada, Expected To Reach U.S. In April

Made it with one day to spare

Our first bi-racial president, Barack Obama, finally spoke out on behalf of the millions of young minority men getting lost in the cracks. And he did it with one day left in African-American History Month. WHEW! I've had at least two of the local groups on air in the past and applaud them for doing what needs to be done to save this generation.

I'm Just Wild About Harry


NBC is introducing a new comedy to their Friday night line-up and I've got the first sneak preview. It's about a Senator who finds himself out of his element in Washington D.C., the classic fish out of water plot line. Harry bumbles his way to a top position through behind the scenes moves by other Senators who know he can be used for their own purposes.
Here's the preview where Harry tries to make people believe that what they know is true is in fact all made up by two "trouble making brothers". This is must see TV

Pause to remember a great man

With Zeyad's original post on this topic now buried and with February coming to a close, we should pause and reflect on one of the giants of the American labor movement. Many of you may recall that A. Philip Randolph founded the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters in 1925, when a black Pullman car porter was required to work at least 400 hours a month to qualify for a paycheck, but less known is that Randolph and his brothers struggled for 12 years before their union was recognized in 1937.

Jill Miller Zimon endorsed by Emily's list

Today EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, endorsed six new outstanding women leaders in Ohio. They join candidate for Secretary of State Nina Turner and candidate for Treasurer Connie Pillich, who were endorsed by EMILY’s List last year.

· Sharen Neuhardt, Lieutenant Governor
· Sandra Williams, State Senate District 21
· Christie Bryant, State House District 32
· Michele Lepore-Hagan, State House District 58
· Gigi Traore, State House District 11
· Jill Miller Zimon, State House District 12

PR: Possible debate, but Stainbrook ignores the notion. Delaney however on board.

What is Jon Stainbrook scared of? Why will he not debate Bill Delaney?

Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Destroy Reputations


How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations
One of the many pressing stories that remains to be told from the Snowden archive is how western intelligence agencies are attempting to manipulate and control online discourse with extreme tactics of deception and reputation-destruction. It’s time to tell a chunk of that story, complete with the relevant documents.

the "without them--I'm/we're unnecessary" test


There's an ignorance growing among Americans. Something that was rare during most of America's history. It used to be that people recognized that Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Vanderbilt were providing jobs for people. Sure--they had riches beyond most citizens' imaginations--but people appreciated the good things they did for the Country (employment and philanthropy).

The liberals have systematically denigrated "the rich" by appealing to the entitlement population who believes that taking money from the rich and giving it to the government will make them (individually) richer. This is ignorance at its finest.

To put things in a logical (and not emotional) perspective, people need to apply the "WITHOUT THEM--I'M/WE'RE UNNECESSARY" test. Here goes.

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