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Connecticut Cop Wants to Kick in Doors & Confiscate Guns

"On Saturday,a Connecticut police officer who said he wanted to bust through one patriot's door and take his guns."
"The evidence is clear of what Officer Joseph Peterson of the Branford Police Department said. In the course of the conversation, he actually spilled the beans on what gun registration is all about: Taking your guns; which every red-blooded, American gun owner knows already."
to the actual screenshots.)
"Peterson told several gun owners, some of whom he engaged were not from Connecticut,

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Overtaxed UAW members pay dues, get little in return (guest commentary)

Overtaxed UAW members pay dues, get little in return (guest commentary)
Comment to article: Jeff Jozsa · Top Commenter

We hope we hope we hope

... that Dr. Ben Carson does indeed run for prez in 2016.


And that is the DEMS' GREATEST FEAR. They will not be able to demonize Carson, and they already know it. Think about it. In debates, the likes of Scott Pelley, Diane Sawyer, Candy whats-her-name - would be unable to be snotty, rude or stupid when "questioning" Dr. Carson. He's well spoken, his background and credentials are unassailable.

Obama--anatomy of a hypocrite

So President Obama is planning on vacationing at the Ocean Reef Club in Florida (unless that pesky Ukraine thing gets in the way). This exclusive club is described as a "millionaires' playground." Thank goodness that Obama could take a break from his "Income Inequality" tour to partake in some much needed relaxation (heck--it's been at least six weeks since he returned from his last vacation.)

This resort touts 36-holes of golf, a dozen restaurants, and a 175-slip marina. As Obama soaks in the sun at this paradise that 99.9% of Americans couldn't even dream of visiting, let's look at some of the recent things he has said:


"Making sure our economy works for every working American. It’s why I ran for President."

"But this increasing inequality is most pronounced in our country, and it challenges the very essence of who we are as a people."

"And the result is an economy that’s become profoundly unequal, and families that are more insecure."

Third World Health Care - Knoxville, Tennessee

Third World Health Care - Knoxville, Tennessee Edition
Aasif Mandvi highlights the quality of the best health care system in the world by visiting a clinic in Knoxville, Tennessee. (06:10)

The World Health Organization's ranking
of the world's health systems.

Site updates

Hi there everyone. There has been a longstanding issue with the site speed and I am trying some new settings to improve it. Please let me know if you experience any problems. My initial take is that the changes are good. Thank you for your patience.

The Rich v. the rest of us!


Trans-Pacific Partnership = Government Corruption At It's Finest

Servando Gonzales - one of America's best thinkers & writers

Lois Loonbat again incriminates herself

I say, toss this babe in jail for contempt of congress.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get what Issa is doing - keeping this major scandal front and center [while the Democrats have been trying to bury it] Issa knows she isn't ever going to tell the truth, either publicly or behind closed doors. I figure Loonbat's thinking goes something like this: Why should I get punished, having already lost my job, when BO gets to stay in HIS cushy job & he is the one who ordered this done.

Delaney pleased with Gallagher dismissal

The only downside to this is now she can focus on party shenanigans.

Black Genocide in Former Slave State..

'Planned parenthood has killed more African Americans than the KKK. say's Michael Micnkoff

"More than half of the abortions done in Georgia are of black babies. Not only that, there were 501 abortions nationally for every 1,000 births in the black community. If that is not black genocide, I don’t know what would qualify. If you think things were worse for black people when Georgia was a slave state, you aren’t paying attention".

Just another day at the office.

Barack Obama is president, Michelle Obama is the First Lady and "12 Years a Slave" won the Oscar for Best Picture. Isn't this a great country?

Hey Chris...Kaczala replaces Gallagher

What's your thoughts on this? Is Stainbrook's world starting to crumble?


LETS NOT FORGET,Obama Administration Caves to Putin on Missile Shield for Europe ..Why

The U.S. plan had called for interceptors in Poland and Romania, complemented by deployed U.S. naval ships outfitted in the Mediterranean. Hagel said the first three phases would be fully implemented, but the fourth, the deployment of a large interceptor warhead, would not go forward.

At a meeting last March in South Korea, Obama told then-Russia President Dmitri Medvedev in remarks picked up by a live microphone that he would have “more flexibility” on the missile shield issue following an election victory.

Russia warns could 'reduce to zero' economic dependency on US.

Moscow (AFP) - Russia could reduce to zero its economic dependency on the United States if Washington agreed sanctions against Moscow over Ukraine, a Kremlin aide said on Tuesday, warning that the American financial system faced a "crash" if this happened

"We would find a way not just to reduce our dependency on the United States to zero, but to emerge from those sanctions with great benefits for ourselves," said Kremlin economic aide Sergei Glazyev.Russian firms and banks would also not return loans from American financial institutions, he said.

McCain: Obama's "feckless" foreign policy invited Ukraine crisis.

" Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., says Russia intervened militarily in Ukraine in part because "nobody believes in America's strength any more." Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., blamed President Obama's "feckless" foreign policy for inviting the crisis in Ukraine on Monday, telling a pro-Israel group that the president has repeatedly failed to demonstrate American strength in the face of adversaries."
"Mr. Obama "believes that the Cold War is over," McCain said. "That's the problem, but Putin doesn't believe it's over."

Share Phony Obamacare Horror Stories:

Obama bows to Putin again

Obama lost in Egypt, Iran, Syria, and now the Ukraine, Oh and did nothing about Bengazi. Ukraine,Putin laughs at Obama, we will not attend the G8 if you don't stop it Mr Putin. Syria, you better not come across this red line or else... Egypt, no arms for you, Russia will help you. Iran, just lower your enrichment of uranium, that's ok. Eyes need to be wide open, stop dismissing the obvious.

Half of U.S. Farmland Being Eyed by Private Equity

WASHINGTON (IPS) – An estimated 400 million acres of farmland in the United States will likely change hands over the coming two decades as older farmers retire, even as new evidence indicates this land is being strongly pursued by private equity investors.

Honoring a Fallen Hero

This made national news. And the child is from right here in Toledo! Have any local news organizations picked up on this story?


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