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Panel will review Bihn's finances

From today's Blade:

Apparent violations of state election law involving an Oregon city councilman's campaign finance reports have been referred to the Ohio Elections Commission for possible action.

The Lucas County Board of Elections referred Councilman Sandy Bihn to the commission for apparently violating campaign finance law when she used her husband's professional credit card account to pay for expenditures, said Olga Vallejo, a campaign finance examiner. A candidate cannot use a third party's credit card for campaign expenditures, elections board Director Jill Kelly said.

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Toledoans to Protest Troop "Surge"

From 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm Thursday evening (1-11-07), Toledoans will gather at the corner of Central and Secor to protest President Bush's decision to send an additional 21,500 troops to Iraq.

More about the protest on my blog.

Fisher taking on role as TPS board agitator

From this week's Toledo Journal:

Now replaced as president, Darlene Fisher gave every indication last week she intends to become an outspoken opponent of the

Szollosi humiliated her, Brown asserts

In this week's Toledo Journal:

Was Frank Szollosi mocking Wilma Brown at last week

Carty prevents WSPD from going to two press conferences now. What is your take?


School Bus Accident at Bancroft and King



WTVG-- January 10, 2007 - A Springfield local schools bus crashed at the corner of Bancroft and King in Sylvania Township. The scene has now been cleared. Police say the bus driver ran a red light.

Kristina White from Springfield Schools says the school bus crashed with a car and a Jeep just before 4 p.m.. The driver of the school bus is fine. There are no reports of any student injuries. We are told the bus was on its way to take students home. The drivers of the car and the Jeep were both sent to hospitals with minor injuries.

Will this be a watershed week?

Today's Free Press Kevin Miliken says:

This could turn out to be one of the most important weeks in the future of our state and country, as a new governor takes office, President Bush announces a new direction in his Iraq policy, and a slew of new legislators begin work in the Ohio General Assembly and Congress.

We've heard words like

Sign the gifts ban

Toledo Free Press is asking the Toledo council to implement a gift ban.

Read it here http://www.toledofreepress.com/?id=4636

Advocates seek showdown over gun rights

Today's Free Press

Bruce Beatty isn't shy when it comes to showing off the Colt .45 semi-automatic pistol he keeps strapped to his side. He's just as adamant when explaining why he has the right to do so.

What really sets off the avid Second Amendment advocate is local governments trying to impose gun laws that conflict with Ohio's constitution. Such bodies, Beatty said, have no right to enforce restrictions greater than those signed into law at the state level.

Hildo: Carty looks to give away the store

This week's City Paper:


Hizzoner blocks WSPD from press conference

Carty blocks WSPD from press conference...does anyone have details on this? One more example of someone off the rocker...it seems like there is more and more of this recently... what is going on?

Sides admit auditor post transition has stalled

Today's Blade:

Despite assurances of a smooth transition from Lucas County Auditor Larry Kaczala, Auditor-elect Anita Lopez said she has been stonewalled in the months since the election and was offered assistance only if she guaranteed the jobs of Mr. Kaczala's family members.

Ms. Lopez, who currently serves as Lucas County recorder, said she has not been able to put a transition team in place in the auditor's office and that she has been approached about making deals to protect certain positions in the office. She takes over as auditor March 13.

Strickland acts quickly to wield his veto power

From Today's Blade:

COLUMBUS - It was certainly an interesting first day on the job.

Gov. Ted Strickland angered the Republican-controlled General Assembly and Ohio's business community by taking the unprecedented step of vetoing a bill his predecessor, Gov. Bob Taft, had intended to become law.

The Republican-controlled General Assembly immediately threatened to sue him.

"What I think this bill represents is hasty action during a lame-duck session when there is not sufficient discussion, input, or deliberation," said Mr. Strickland. "The $5,000 limit is so hugely unrealistic and absolutely, in my judgment, provides no disincentive for inappropriate or bad behavior."

Toledo area gets statistical profile

After leaving Arizona a year ago to run the Regional Growth Partnership, Steven Weathers asked community leaders about Toledo's economic track record.

When nobody could really answer his questions, Mr. Weathers thought about what most Buckeyes obsess over: college sports.

Even in Mid-American Conference football, teams compile endless ledgers of statistics. To explain a Saturday afternoon bruiser, there are passing yards, rushing yards, turnovers, times of possession, and third-down conversions.

Glass City Jungle email challenge


Glass City Jungle is hosting a contact challenge. You can see which council members respond to their email. You can follow the story at Glass City Jungle www.glasscityjungle.com/wordpress/.

City residents face higher water bills


From Friday's Blade and talked about on WSPD today.

Toledo-area residents face the prospect of higher water rates, while those who live in the city also could be on the verge of paying more for sewage service.

Under a rate-hike plan submitted yesterday to Toledo City Council, water rates would increase by 4.5 percent a year in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Sewer rates would increase by 9.9 percent a year during the same period.

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Bob Taft Legacy


Some local news and discussion on Bob Taft's tenure:

Toledo Blade's Editorial - A Legacy Sullied

Toledo Free Press - Exit Interview

Akron Beacon Journal - What will history say of Bob Taft

Strickland will take oath after midnight

When Ted Strickland raises his right hand and places his left on his Bible early tomorrow morning while most Ohioans are asleep, he will quietly become the state

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