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Parenting. At it's finest....

Girl Kicked Off Plane After Tantrum

Jan 23 12:06 PM US/Eastern

AP Writer

Nancy Pelosi comes out solidly on the the Presidents' side

I was sitting through the State of the Union address tonight.

I was so happy to see Nancy Pelosi giving the President the lead for one after another standing ovation.

This is a great sign for healing, for our leadership to work together. I taped this - and I am so glad that I did. Nancy P. has crossed all boundaries and any aisle - in her support for the President.

I am so happy to see her solid support of the President.

TPS Candidate Resumes

The candidate resumes for TPS superintendent have been posted at talkingtps.com - here is the link


As I have said....here is our future. Barring real change....

I notice there is no "I'm just very sad" under the Post Feelings....there can be no argument that this is the track TPS is on..all the divisive 'who likes who' and who is getting a contract for what amount of money. The children lose. Big time. All the way around. Time for change???

I say - - oh hell yes.


Climate scientists feeling the heat

Scientists long have issued the warnings: The modern world's appetite for cars, air conditioning and cheap, fossil-fuel energy spews billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, unnaturally warming the world.

i can't believe i'm about to type this.....

i can't believe i'm about to type this, but i found this blade editorial piece to be a good read. of course, the writing was from an outside source.

nonetheless, it address the feel-good political issue of the moment.....the minimum wage.


Tom Maher as a candidate for Super.

This is from a news story from my Local paper: "SCHOOL BOARD A BATTLEGROUND

The controversy over the dismissal of Indian River County School Superintendent Tom Maher in late 2005 continued through 2006 as a divided school board battled over school construction plans, personnel and school sites. This led to voters electing three new members in 2006."

Website offers whistleblowers chance to go global

THE internet could become even more difficult for governments to regulate with a new website, Wikileaks, promising to provide a safe haven for whistleblowers to upload confidential documents.

Australians are among the volunteers behind the site. "Your country's support for the underdog and for a fair go is showing through," a spokeswoman said.

Comparing themselves with the leaker of the Pentagon papers that damaged the Nixon administration and eroded US public confidence in the Vietnam War, Wikileaks' creators say they will uncover unethical behaviour by developing "an uncensorable Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis".

My take on First Amendment Rights story

Wonder of wonders: the Toledo Free Press supports WSPD

Pricey council campaigns deter some from running

The bidding for a Toledo City Council seat this year starts around $25,000, candidates and analysts estimate, and it could go higher than $50,000.

Ellen Grachek says that's untenable.

Others say it's a bargain.

In Toledo's relatively unfettered campaign finance world, nearly everyone agrees it's reality.

Ms. Grachek, a Democrat, announced last week that she won't run for a second term representing council District 5. She doesn't like fund-raising, she explained, or the debts to donors it implies.

Book depository funds misused for years; 400k gone

Inside the Northwest Ohio Regional Book Depository, more than a million old books and journals line cardboard trays stacked on shelves a staggering 30 feet into the air.

A modified forklift sits at the ready to transport employees to the upper shelves when requests come in from area universities for the rarely used books that are stored there.

It is, by all accounts, a low-tech operation. Yet it was in the near anonymity of the quiet operation in Perrysburg's Levis Park that depository manager Michael McHugh, a Bowling Green State University employee since 1995, allegedly used the university's money to buy more than $400,000 worth of computers, printers, digital cameras, Palm Pilots, and other high-tech gadgets. When his purchases raised no eyebrows at BGSU, investigators say he then sold the electronics on the Internet auction site eBay or kept them for his own use.

On Used Cars, Terrorists, and Small Businessmen


If you did not see History Mike's posting on Ram Auto and how some innocent people got caught up, please stop over and look.


Michigan passed a ban on affirmative action and it was held up by Supreme Court. Time for Ohio to do so too?

71% (44 votes)
27% (17 votes)
I don't know
2% (1 vote)
Total votes: 62

Court upholds affirmative action ban 3 universities in Michigan must comply

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Supreme Court yesterday rejected a bid to give three universities in Michigan more time to comply with parts of the state's new law banning some types of affirmative action programs.

The universities say they are complying or attempting to comply with Proposal 2, which bans the use of race and gender preferences in public university admissions and government hiring.

The measure was approved by voters in November and went into effect Dec. 23.

I completely missed the boat. Next Nanny issue. Literally....

Legislation would ban spanking young children
The Sacramento Bee

TPS Superintendent Candidate has Controversial Past

Turns out that one of the finalists for the TPS Superintendent job has a history... links:

WSPD: Controversial Past for TPS Superintendent

WSFA: Purcell Resigns from Montgomery County Schools

WSFA: Purcell responds to criticism.

Hotel-motel tax going up to 10% to fund arena

Pete Gerken said himself, we have been doing things wrong in this area. Why is it that they use the same old approaches to doing things, raise taxes? There is no creativity here at all. Expect the same results.

10% hotel tax, that seems like a lot. It will be interesting to see if the hotels do suffer.


Father Robinson Dodges A Bullet

The civil suite against Father Robinson and associates (Catholic Church, etc.) has been dismissed due to a statute of limitations. As much as I'd like to see this case taken to trial, I don't think it ever will be. Moreover, the allegations are very strange, to say the least. Has anyone ever heard of a satanic abuse case that was definitely proven? Even if the statute for a civil case has expired, what about criminal charges? Has the statute expired there as well?

Toledo leaders move to create citywide wireless internet network

ToledoTalk has a good thread on this at:
Maggie also has a good link.

Some topics will overlap between the sites, like this one.

Today's announcement:

Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner said the city has issued a request for proposals to establish a citywide wireless internet network.

Board ready to winnow superintendent applicants

Today's Blade:

Fourteen more people - including ousted leaders of the St. Louis and the Montgomery County, Alabama, public school systems, and even a former general partner of the New York Yankees - have added their names to the applicant pool for Toledo Public Schools superintendent.

The list of candidates who want to lead the 29,400-student district now stands at 22 - which includes the first eight people who applied by the district's Nov. 30 "soft deadline."

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