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new study on second hand smoke & lung cancer

I know this will stir up some of the militant smokers here but I think it deserves to be noted especially with the new Ohio smoking ban.

Nanny State, Part #66-You'll love this one


You'll notice that part that says, "Emboldened by other Bans". It's really beginning to get sickening, folks. And Texas is rapidly becoming the #1 Nanny state of the south.

Egregious Governmental Abuse in Sylvania, Part 2

As usual, I

Campaign protection costs

Came across this blurb from the Wall Street Journal about Bush's 2008 budget.

"It calls for $53.6 million to protect 2008 presidental candidates."

Just wondering what people think of this...

Should the City of Toledo have an ambulance service?

24% (11 votes)
69% (31 votes)
I don't know
7% (3 votes)
Total votes: 45

Archive of past issues of 'TheMentalBlock.org' grows



Scroll down, paper page links are at the bottom - many are operational. There are several issues available now......interesting to look back....

For the Teachers

The Toledo Journal has an interesting article in this week's edition titled "For the Teachers" - http://thetoledojournal.com/news/Article/Article.asp?NewsID=75952&sID=4

In the article there is information on the cost of the retroactive payment due teachers. The supporting documentation can be found at http://www.tpsinfo.com/finances/tps_retroactive_payment_2007.pdf

Put down that Ipod-Nanny State, Part #65

Just when you feel there's nothing else the nazi busybodies can try to outlaw, they surprise you.

Another ban proposal:

Report: New York State Senator Wants to Ban iPods From Crosswalks
Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Egregious Governmental Abuse in Sylvania

Attention, all residents of Sylvania Township that do not live in the city of Sylvania. You are about to be shafted by the Sylvania City Government and the Sylvania Township Trustees.

Time off


Deep freeze shuts schools for second straight day

Maybe I can get my boss to listen to this logic, but somehow I just don't think that will happen.


Arena, In Our Lifetime?

This is a repost from ToledoTalk. I just read it and it's worth reading. The web master at that site is not allowing any comments on it.???

February 2, 2007

I just rec'd this Press Release from the Concerned Citizens Group...




Date: Monday, February 05, 2007

Based on the:

Smoking: Bittersweet for the State government

Will the smoking ban cost us? The State gets 1 billion dollars from taxes on smoking. What will happen with the smoking ban? What will happen when the 1 billion dries up? Will they come to us for higher taxes?

Read more about it in the article in the Toledo Blade here

Karloffornia Rep wants to ban light bulbs....Nannys march on..


NUTS! When was this state supposed to fall off the continent? I personally have used flourescents since the 70's, but no one told me I HAD to do it. More of the fallout from the smoker ban horseshit-nannys everywhere.

Local Crackheads Not Minding Arctic Freeze So Much

Local crack cocaine afficianado Thomas "Tweaky" Williams, speaking with Toledo Tales reporters, said that the current cold wave is "not a big deal" to he and fellow crack users in the abandoned house they hole up in on Oakwood Avenue.

Read the rest of the story here.

The 'New' Communism

I saw this on another blog/board and thought it was the greatest thing I've read in years. It's a long read, but I think it's EXCELLENT!!



Grossman wants to fine, then close businesses - He's out of touch



Dr. Grossman thinks that the fines for a business violating the Ohio smoking ban ($2,500 to $5,000 per occurrence) aren't adequate to "bring these people into compliance". How can a person be so out of touch with reality? The clear implication is that the taverns that have a history of opposing his various smoking bans are netting well over $2,500 a day. How many of the taverns bucking the smoking ban do that kind of business? I'd guess none of them.

Carty watching the workers

As heard on WSPD: Carty has another run in with employees taking their break today, this time on Broadway. Apparently the forestry employees were taking their contract assured break and Carty stops in the middle of the street to ask them what they are doing. This is on top of the incident when the employee was at the Elder Berman lot taking his break, and remember those two gardening employees before?

Grandmother beaten at school



Did you read about the couple that pulled the grandmother out of her car then beat her, all because she apparently cut in front of them? That is messed up!

Why not Dr. Earl Murry for superintendent?


Why was Toledo

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