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The Nanny State, PT.#69-Watch those happy feet

I'm reminded of the old Kevin Bacon vehicle, FOOTLOOSE

Court Backs NYC's Ban on Dancing in Bars

NEW YORK (AP) -- Come and meet those dancing feet, up on 42nd Street - but only in nightspots with special licenses.

The city's 80-year-old cabaret law banning dancing by patrons in ordinary bars and restaurants is legal, the state Supreme Court's Appellate Division ruled Thursday.

Blog this - Michael Miller takes on anonymous posters (yes you)


But there remains an element of blogging and Web commentary that drags down the quality of conversation like a rotted corpse clinging to the heroine's ankles in a Stephen King story. Too many anonymous posters are electronic piss ants, crawling through the virtual dregs of more honorable people's thoughts and efforts.

Candidate Questions

Admin edit (informational to get truth out): This allegation had no merit, please see release below.

Press Release - Solicitor Bob Ariail Reviews Material Related to the Resignation of William E. Harner
June 7, 2004

Who is mostly responsible for the police shooting?

The Kid
63% (48 votes)
The Parents
30% (23 votes)
The Police
4% (3 votes)
I don't know
3% (2 votes)
Total votes: 76

Police Murder

I noticed no one has posted about this. What do you think about the policeman that was murdered? What is a 15 year old doing with a gun and out at 2 am? I have kids out in my neighborhood at 1 am many nights and I wonder why they are out wandering around so late.

Judge denies motion to dismiss

We thought we should bring you up to date on the Sunshine Complaint against the 3 for Children Coalition (Barnett, Steel & Sykes) by Steven Flagg on behalf of the Urban Coalition. On February 1, 2007 Judge James Jensen DENIED defendants' motion to dismiss the complaint filed June 28, 2006.

Nanny State, PT.#68-Girl Scouts Under Attack by Health Nazis

Smokers warned everyone else years ago. They were met with smirks.



Do You Think The Groundhog Was Right?(early spring 2007)

Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) is not the Man of Steel

You can read my oped piece that appears in today's Atlanta Journal Constitution here

Toledo Among Worst Places For Men In 2007...


Men's Health Magazine has named Toledo the 3rd worst city in America for men to live in 2007...

Even Detroit finished ahead of us.


What do you think about TPS's decision to negotiate with Bill Harner?

Good choice
51% (21 votes)
Bad choice
22% (9 votes)
Don't know
17% (7 votes)
The fat lady is not singing
10% (4 votes)
Total votes: 41


I always heard the stories from my family about how nice the Old West End used to be. They lived there in the forties, fifties and sixties. Just the other day...going through my Dad's attic...I found an old reel of home made films my family took while having cook-outs and the like in their neighborhood. (about 1958-1960}.

Big Brother At His Best

From The Blade:

Public safety outweighs 'hip' for Toledo Wi-Fi
Potential cut in response times cited


How are the sidewalks?

The Blade reported this today; Snow hinders pedestrians Sidewalk owners ignoring 24-hour clearing rule.

And what the article fails to address and report is this;

"719.08. Location and maintenance of benches; specifications.

Reminder: Chat Date - Wednesday 9 PM

Just a reminder we will be holding a chat date, Wednesday 2/21 at 9-10? PM. Remember the Chat Room is beta, so you don't know what you are going to get. Regarless it will be a fun time! See you tomorrow.

How are your streets?

Well my street hasn't been touched yet by a snowplow. How about yours?

Think this may have anything to do with the NEW February attendance reporting requirement this year??????

Local Truants Grab the City

Death Certificate for Abortions?

According to the Knox News:

George W. Bush, the peace president!?!

I have not lost my marbles. Let me explain. I am not an expert on the history of the peace movement, in the U.S. or globally, but I think most of us would agree that the peace movement has gained more popularity and become better organized since George Bush entered office. In fact, I would not be surprised that Mr.

Report: GM in talks to buy Chrysler

DETROIT - General Motors Corp. is in talks to buy the Chrysler Group in its entirety, Automotive News reported Friday, citing unnamed sources in Germany and the United States.

The automotive trade publication reported on its Web site that high-level talks were talking place between GM and Chrysler Group parent DaimlerChrysler AG...

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