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City gives vehicle to Griffin instead of TPD


This is just a shame, I'm glad Channel 13 has the balls to follow the story.

Westhaven Disposition Order is Final/Hearing Notes

Judge Zmuda received this case when Judge Osowik moved to a different position. This was the first hearing this Judge held.

There were 30 names on the sign in sheet - some were investors, the balance attorneys. One defendant attorney identified herself.




All the girls had ugly gym uniforms?

It took five minutes for the TV warm up?

Nearly everyone's Mom was at home when the kids got home from school?

When a quarter was a decent allowance?

You'd reach into a muddy gutter for a penny?

Your Mom wore nylons that came in two pieces?

Possible "Remake" of Star Trek

Change in Education Funding Initiative Launch--Bi Partisan Effort for Constitutional Amendment


I saw the article in the courier today. The launch has begun to try and make a significant impact on changing the State Funding Structure for Education. 400,000 signatures by August is the next goal. Check out the site. Doing my duty! Initial Reactions?

ps--how do you insert hyperlinks into the title? not sure...

Finally, local gov't realizes the importance of UT


Ben Konop is looking at the idea of a Door St. corridor that will spurn new businesses in the immediate vicinity of UT.

This appears to be a join venture with the university.

Ohio wants special car plates for sex offenders


CINCINNATI (Reuters) - Lawmakers in Ohio said on Wednesday they want to force convicted sex offenders to use a fluorescent-green license plate on their cars so they can be easily identified.

Schools teach private ownership is evil

Jesuschrist. Look at this crap. Our country is falling apart intellectually.

A ban was initiated at the Hilltop Children's Center in Seattle. According to an article in the winter 2006-07 issue of "Rethinking Schools" magazine, the teachers at the private school wanted their students to learn that private property ownership is evil.

Oh, what a wicked Web we weave

Not to be outdone by Michael Miller, Johny Hildo-whom I love by the way-takes his/her mystery to the local Internet scene in a piece called: Wi-Fi, blogs, and you

..."The blogosphere isn

Toledo Journal Education Stories

The Toledo Journal has two good education stories in this week's edition.

1. Student achievement gap: First, admit it

Police Chief Navarre to be Fire Chief as well

From Glass City Jungle from media reports:


Yikes! (re: smoking ban) "two proponents of the law left a hearing early for their own safety."


Sylvania Annexation Attempt

More annexation attempts by Craig Stough and Sylvania City Council. The county commissioners say that they want no part of an annexation battle, but it seems to me that the commissioners are already in one, like it or not.

Education Report Card


Full report here.

Some findings about Ohio:

Academic Achievement

Student performance in Ohio is higher than average. The state stands 8 percentage points above the national
average in the percentage of 4th graders at or above the proficient level on the NAEP math exam.

Mass exodus from Ford today


Mass exodus from Ford today
Thanks to buyouts, thousands of workers call it quits

February 28, 2007



This is it: The big good-bye. The finish line.

Starling-at least one state has some people left with balls

Not to negate anything anyone's doing in oHEILo, or any other state, but I absolutely LOVE this-sort of the new tea party. I especially love the first paragraph.


Good luck to 'em! 8^D

2/27/07 TPS Board Report

Tonight's board meeting was uneventful. It took until 9:20 PM to finish, almost 4 hrs. They were in executive session for 1.75 hrs.

There was the normal dissention and personal attacks from the normal characters and a lot of information.

Things discussed:
-The board approved a cell phone policy.
-The district talked about bids on updating their Web site. They got 9 back.

A Stunning Case Of Cruelty

Sickest thing Ive heard of in a long time.

"(Toledo, OH) - A worker tossing out the trash, found the remains of three dogs dismembered and piled inside this dumpster behind Banner Mattress at Alexis and Douglas roads.

A cruelty investigator is calling one of the worst abuse cases he's ever seen.

What are gas prices where you are? South side,.....UP .15 just this afternoon

?? I wonder if it is just this one station or is it happening all over Toledo? 2.44 at lunchtime and 4:00 it was 2.59

Former Blade Employees...

I haven't noticed Blade workers picketing in their usual locations lately. I also haven't heard much about the lock-out in the news...all I've seen is commercials of people working there now telling us how great it is to work for The Blade.

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