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It has come to this in Amerika today....if you're a smoker

This comes from the FORCES website (www.forces.org)-just sickening.:


'Scuse me?! "FBI Puts Local Officials on Notice About Extremists Trying to Sign Up to Be School Bus Drivers"

(Checking my spelling here :-) National Computer Forensic Institute Unveiled


National Computer Forensic Institute Unveiled

Release Date: March 9, 2007

For Immediate Release
U.S. Secret Service Public Affairs
Contact: (202) 406-5708

Artical on a poll, (which I generally question the efficiency and accuracy of, but like this one:-) on media bias.


Poll: Bias 'alive and well' in press http://washingtontimes.com/national/20070315-114454-8075r.htm

By Jennifer Harper
March 16, 2007

"We're not here to showboat, Frank,"

Well, they are at it still....

"Toledo residents blast trash fee, ambulance service plans"

"When Mr. Szollosi tried to talk about a report he had compiled on the growing local tax burden, following the mayor's opening presentation, the mayor refused to give him the floor."

Parent Accountability Act

48% (24 votes)
36% (18 votes)
Not Sure
16% (8 votes)
Total votes: 50

Advice Needed

Advice Needed

City job report ignores Ford era

This is one of those columns that makes me go, huh?

"The Finkbeiner administration should fill in a four-year gap in its job creation report that ignores activity during the term of Mayor Jack Ford, Council President Rob Ludeman said yesterday."

Lafe Tolliver Unplugged: Weeping and crying all night long

Oh....you have got to read this. Lafe Tolliver does not leave you guessing how he feels. Go Lafe!

Weeping and crying all night long


Please keep an eye out for orange cat


Please keep an eye out for a missing orange tabby cat - About 6 days ago, our 13 year old male, orange tabby cat disappeared without a trace. He is very healthy, feisty, playful, and a creature of habit - never wandered far from home; came home every night/day. We live in the Point/Shoreland area, between Suder & Shoreland (we live on Tulane).

time for a political payback



i'm sure the teachers union is high-fiving each other this evening. according to the new gov, the voucher program should go away.

it should make for an interesting fight with our state legislature.

Gun Law Changes

Ohio ends 'plain sight' handgun provision

Municipalities can't toughen restrictions


The Ohio legislature passed the gun-law change by overriding a veto by then-Gov. Bob Taft, the only such override during Mr. Taft's eight years in office.

Interesting Detroit Article

Kilpatrick tells Detroit: 'Nobody's coming to save us'


Particularly considering the dialogue we are having about Toledo's future in 5 - 10 years.

A Real i-open(er)

In doing a little surfing I came across this site and it's most interesting!

I wonder if our esteemed city leadership is aware that there are others in this world who are interested in TRUE economic development and are willing to explore new ways to accomplish this.

Check it out and pen your thoughts.


We now have city ambulance

Did anyone see we now have a city ambulance service? What is "continuity of care" and why is it important?


2007 Candidates


Dear 2007 candidates. It is time for you to be heard. Feel free to post your press releases and opinions of the issues that matter to you here. Any and all candidates in Northwest Ohio are welcome to participate. National candidates are welcome too, but we just may be a blip on their radar. Create an account and you are ready to post your items.

Chris Myers Declares Candidacy for Toledo Public Schools Board

Chris Myers Declares Candidacy for Toledo Public Schools Board

Toledo, Ohio. Chris Myers announces that he will hold a press conference to announce that he is a candidate for the Board of Education, Toledo Public Schools, for the election in November 2007.

Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Time: 1:15 p.m.

Place: One Government Center

Market Melt Down

Am I the only one who does not feel too sorry for lending institutions who lend money to people who have no collateral and then seem amazed when they cannot make their payments.

Is the Mayor picking another fight?

Carty comes out swinging at the Blade. Has all of Toledo now jumped on the bandwagon of negativity - at least in the mayor's mind?

Read his letter in Blade - Mayor: Blade story derisive, inflammatory

Toledo's Future & TPS - Toledo in 5 or 10 years (from ToledoTalk)

Has anyone thought about this? With a constant decrease in population and jobs, what does the future of the city hold?

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