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Ahem - Toledo? - welcome to your future....barring change

Plan to ax Detroit schools rejected
26 buildings spared for now, but future closings inevitable; 1,800 layoffs threatened.

Lucas County bloggin

Welcome to the Lucas County Elected Officials' Blog

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Cadillac health care coverage

"The show of self-sacrifice by the mayor and city council may have a political motive: on council

This appears to be an example of the mind set of those at TPS

From the Toledo Journal story, TPS MOUs number 1,800 pages

Ms. Barnett said she also couldn't understand the newspaper's thinking. She said if The Journal believed there was a problem at TPS, it should wait until the board announced that it had a solution to the problem.

"Ohio had the highest number of home foreclosures in 2006,"

Would you support a farmers market located outside of Downtown Toledo, say Perrysburg, run by local businesses/entrepreneurs?

Yes, absolutely provided there are plenty of choices (produce,meat,deli,flowers,artist displays,etc.)
42% (18 votes)
No, the Erie Street Market didn't work, why should this one.
42% (18 votes)
12% (5 votes)
Don't Know
5% (2 votes)
Total votes: 43

Convergys. A story that just doesn't seem to go away

It's a strange thing, especially to a person in business - that the legacy of this company still has such a profound effect on people in Toledo who were involved with them.

Mud Hens negotiating to purchase Toledo Storm

The Toledo Mud Hens organization is in negotiations to purchase the Toledo Storm hockey franchise, members of the Storm's front office have confirmed.

Marcy a back-bencher?

Today's Blade editorial. I believe one of the posters here asked the same question a month or so ago.

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Revenue lost in Toledo, coulda, shoulda, woulda...

Thinking about the stagnation of revenue versus expenses in Toledo and reading this headline, "Rhode Island gambling center expands"

I thought back to the Slots imitative in Toledo and how it was defeated....and thought what if....


What went on in the Supreme Court? School funding: Is it fixed?

The Columbus Dispatch has done an award worthy job on describing the current school funding mess as well as talking about the current funding trends. The article below is a MUST read regarding how the school funding system in the state of Ohio was declared unconstitutional and the following actions.

Iran? Nope--The University of Toledo.

This picture was taken by a friend of mine outside the student union at The University of Toledo's "peace" rally today (3/19/07).

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Lucas County ESC

I understand that there will be a special meeting of the Lucas County Educational Service Center Governing Board on March 30, 2007, Friday, at 2:00 p.m. for the purpose of evaluating the superintendent. Sandra Frisch.
It is also my understanding that this special meeting has been scheduled Karen Krause, president of the LCESC Governing Board.

Budget shortfalls statewide and the resulting attempts to correct the deficits

Here's an article in today's Blade about Ohio cities' budget shortfalls.

Evidently Toledo isn't the only Ohio city with major problems in it's budget.

From Akron:

Some more bubbles up about the alleged discrimination in City Hall

The Blade has mentioned in articles on and off about events that happened in 1989 with little more than a sentence or two.

Now comes this;

It has come to this in Amerika today....if you're a smoker

This comes from the FORCES website (www.forces.org)-just sickening.:


'Scuse me?! "FBI Puts Local Officials on Notice About Extremists Trying to Sign Up to Be School Bus Drivers"

(Checking my spelling here :-) National Computer Forensic Institute Unveiled


National Computer Forensic Institute Unveiled

Release Date: March 9, 2007

For Immediate Release
U.S. Secret Service Public Affairs
Contact: (202) 406-5708

Artical on a poll, (which I generally question the efficiency and accuracy of, but like this one:-) on media bias.


Poll: Bias 'alive and well' in press http://washingtontimes.com/national/20070315-114454-8075r.htm

By Jennifer Harper
March 16, 2007

"We're not here to showboat, Frank,"

Well, they are at it still....

"Toledo residents blast trash fee, ambulance service plans"

"When Mr. Szollosi tried to talk about a report he had compiled on the growing local tax burden, following the mayor's opening presentation, the mayor refused to give him the floor."

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